A Day Around Croatia – Travel Stories

Now that I got my wifi back – almost an year without it, I’d almost lost all my hope – I can finally share with you a lovely day I spent in Croatia, visiting beautiful towns and as always, eating delicious food.

You may remember that last year I went to Croatia, in the Pag isle exactly, for my Summer holidays and I had some wonderful moments visiting the different beaches and getting to know the local culture.


In April I got the chance to go back to Croatia and visit some other areas: Abbazia, Lovran, Moscenika Draga and Rijeka.


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Create The Soundtrack Of Your Life With SongFinch

How many of you have watched a movie and heard the soundtrack and wished you had it too, a piece of music to tell about yourself, your life and your feelings.
How many have listened to a song which fit perfectly to your emotions in that moment?


When Song Finch contacted me I thought it was the perfect opportunity to create that song. They asked me if I wanted to create one for my loved one or for Mother’s Day; but  I thought “Why choose ONE person?”

My life is made up of so many amazing people, family and friends, so why choose only one person when I can celebrate them all and life itself?

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Share your photography love with Printiki

Long time no see (write to you), my loves!

Today I’m collaborating with a brand that I discovered not long ago and that offers a service that I couldn’t love more: they print your photos, in the format you like the most – quite a lot to chose from too – and they send right to your doorstep.

How many of you know or have purchased from Printiki?

I thought this would be a great opportunity to attach some new pics to my world map painting and maybe find some cool ways to use and arrange them.

I love taking photographs, not only because I have a crappy memory but also because I love to keep the memories most important to me and look at them when I feel sad to find a smile, remember some good times with wonderful people, breathtaking landscapes, monuments and cities.

This is why I was beyond happy to have the possibility to work with Printiki.

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Small Businesses To Stalk In 2017

I looove finding out new brands, especially the small ones because they produce unique and beautiful things and are run by lovely persons.

So today I’ve decided to present you some small businesses and you should really stalk them this year; like their pages, photos and purchase their products.

Artisans are like gemstones, precious and rare.
Support them and their work.


GIOVELAB is a small and racy laboratory in the middle of the woods in Trentino (Italy), where the collection of porcelain and gres tableware was born.

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Let’s Discover… Labo!

A while ago I was sent some lovely products from a brand that you may or may not know: Labo.

It sells mostly pharmacy self care products, which are of very good quality and suitable for every skin and complexion; but they also have launched their make-up lines.

The one I’ve been testing in this period is the “Labo Filler Makeu Up”, in particular the strengthening nail polish, the mascara and one of their lipsticks.


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My trip to Milan

On the 4th I went to Milan, a city that I’ve always wanted to visit.

Milan is known for its fashion and for the Duomo, but not everyone know of some little special must-visit places that don’t compare on guides, so I’m going to share with you my itinerary and my experience.

I started my day with an amazing breakfast at California Bakery, which couldn’t be more perfect for me because it’s all American themed.
I’m not talking only about the décor, which is lovely, with baskets hung all around the ceiling; but I’m referring to the food itself.

It’s delicious and you can find any American dish.

I got two brownies and a filtered American coffee, while my boyfriend ordered pancakes with maple syrup and I had to taste those as well – yummy!

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First things first: welcome back to me! And to you too, of course.

It feels like forever since I posted an article here on my blog, I have to say that I really missed it but life got in the way and unfortunately days last only 24 hours.

I had too many things to do and for my mental health I had to let something go, it was a hard choice but I couldn’t publish something written on a rush, something not well thought and with crappy images; I don’t treat my blog and you, my lovely readers, like that, I want to give my 100% into it and although now I’m at 70% I think we’ll have to get by with that.

The main reason I was away for so long is University, as you may or may not know I’m at my third and last year and during this time it is required to do an internship so I thought I’d better do it immediately so I can later focus on lost exams and blog posts.

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