Confessions in an Old English style

Saying I’ve been absent is one huge understatement, but I’m sorry (not sorry) to tell you that probably I’ll vanish into the thin air again and I’ll keep doing that.
Life goes on, priorities change and my ability to multitask has seriously gotten worse with time.
I graduated, started a new university, done exams, went to a beautiful vacation to Brazil with my mom (do not worry, a post telling you everything about it won’t delay), and procrastinated very much.
I won’t tell you I’ll be consistent from now on, but I will tell you that I’ll write about the things I like, as always, when I’ll find them and I’ll think you’ll like them too; because that’s what blogging is for me.
No rush, no expectation, no comparison to other amazing blogs and bloggers – no need for even more anxiety, am I right?

Now that the “confessions” part has been dealt with, how about the Old English style?


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My Ban.Do Planner Review & Flip-Through

This year something unbelievable has happened: I got a planner in January, and not mid-year like I usually do because I’m a lazy panda and beautiful agendas cost way too much.

I’ve always wanted a Ban.Do planner but on their website the shipping cost was higher than the price of the item itself, but in late December I was looking through Asos and noticed that they had Ban.Do planners, and that they were discounted! So of course I jumped at the occasion and bought one.


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Valentine’s Day (Or Any Other Day Of The Year) Gift Guide!

Either you consider Valentine’s Day as a beautiful day or as a holiday invented by companies to make more money, it’s a reality and it’s an opportunity to celebrate love in every form.

On Valentine’s Day, every year, my father buys me flowers, which it’s the cutest thing ever, right? I think as Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to tell the people in your life that you love them, no need to be in a relationship.

So, since this day is all about couples, I thought I’d take advantage and make a gift guide.. for singles; because we deserve to be loved, to love ourselves and to buy nice stuff just because we deserve it. This is a last minute gift guide or just a gift guide for every other day of the year, because you don’t really need a special day to buy presents for yourself and your love ones, am I right?


Once again I’m partnering up with one of my favorite brand, Uncommon Goods. If you haven’t read my previous post featuring this brand, here’s why I love it this much: Uncommon Goods 12 years ago started the Better To Give program, with which for every purchase they donate $1 to the charity of your choice; they also offer a platform to amazing designers & artisans and encourage the creation of products made with recycled materials. Continue reading “Valentine’s Day (Or Any Other Day Of The Year) Gift Guide!”

Is EOS’ New Crystal Lip Balm Worth It?

Guest post by the lovely Jane Liu.

In August of 2017, EOS (aka evolution of smooth) released a new Crystal Lip Balm.  I’ve heard the hype and wondered why everyone is freaking out about this new little pod that looks just like the old. I decided to check out some reviews of this new “revolutionary” lip balm first. After doing some digging around, it seemed like the reviews are all very polar extremes – either “I love it” or “I hate it”. So I had to try it for myself…

Eos _1

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Shaherazad’s #18HourHeels Shoes Review !

Shoes by Shaherazad was created for a purpose. To provide women and girls living in poverty with opportunities for educational and financial independence.”

This is the main reason why working with Shaherazad has always been a pleasure and why I felt very lucky and honored when she asked me to write some posts for her website earlier this year and when she asked me to try her famous shoes last month.


Shaherazad’s shoes not only have an important purpose but they also carry an important promise: you can wear them for 18 hours and you’ll feel no pain.
They’re perfect for busy bees dividing their time between business and pleasure, office and girls nights.

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My Nail Recovery Journey

My nails have always been important to me. I love nail art, having long nails and the “tick” sound that they make when I touch the screen of my cellphone.

Due to stress, a lot of massive stress, my nails have been breaking, crumbling and getting weaker and weaker.


Broken nails

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