What if my furniture had real feelings?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wronged Objects.”

Oh God this is so great.

I’m pretty clumsy so I’m sure I own a lot of apologies to all my furniture, but I guess I have to apologize mostly to my remote control ’cause I always make him fall and I think he would be actually mad at me if he had real feelings.

And I have to say to my couch and my bed that I love them so much, ’cause they always support me and make my cozy days even cozier. So thank you. 

And finally, I’m really sorry kitchen, most of all you cooker, that always try to make my meals taste better. I know I don’t use you properly but I promise that one day I’ll manage cooking very well and you’ll be proud of me!

Yeah, I think this is what I would say to my house and my furniture if they had emotions.

So thankful about this post idea, it opened my eyes: I’m a real mess. Cool.


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