Etsy Jewerelly

A few days ago I came across Etsy Jewerlly on Twitter, and I immediately fell in love with the jewelry that sells and I wanted to find out a little more about it.
I don’t think this site is very popular here in Italy and it’s really a shame because there are some really nice things!

Each jewel sold on Etsy is handmade by different people around the world; so each piece is unique and you can also request some custom pieces.

I wanted to write an article about it because I think it is important to support the crafts, which are gradually disappearing and increasingly replaced by mass-produced items from large factories. It ‘important to support jobs like these that not only are an opportunity to earn money, but it is mainly an expression of creativity and passion, aspects that I always encourage to develop.

I wandered a little bit of time (a lot actually) around the site and found the magnificent pieces, that I’ll propose to you here.

Malie Creations
Malie Creations

Geode Necklace on Gold Filled Chain, 33,92+ €

Malie Creations
Malie Creations

Via Lex Luxe
Via Lex Luxe

Stacking emerald ring, € 143.78

Lex Luxe anello di cristallo di diamante Herkimer in oro rosa 136,41

Crystal ring diamond Herkimer rose gold, € 136.41

LamFaTiTa Orecchini color menta 11,98

Mint earrings, € 11.98

Archetype Z Studio
Archetype Z Studio

Triangulated Cuff bracelet in Black, € 29.49

Crafts Garden Of Zen

White Diamond Sterling Silver Ring € 228.71

Crafts Garden Of Zen Topazio blu luce dorata e citrino oro giallo stud orecchini 20,28+

Golden light blue topaz and citrine yellow earrings, 20,28+ €

Crafts Garden Of Zen Black Diamond Ring Sterling Silver oxidized ring 221,20

Black Diamond Ring Sterling silver oxidized ring – Rough Diamond Black, € 221.20

Bonny Rabbit Boutique Anello di pelle di serpente 58,06

Ring snakeskin, € 58.06

Ag Jc
Ag Jc

Ring geometric line, oxidized silver, € 40

Biju Bee collana di diamanti 59,91

Diamond necklace and gold filled, € 59.91

Biju Bee raw aquamarine claw necklace 71,89

Raw Claw necklace Aquamarine, Sterling silver, Handcrafted, € 71.89

Lux Divine anello perla d'oro 87,56

Gold pearl ring, € 87.56

Lux Divine doppio fascio anello oro 87,56

Galaxy ring banded double gold € 87.56

Soul Peaces Balancing act ring - square bar ring 63,59

Square Bar Ring, € 63.59

Unfortunately, these are just some of the beautiful and unique jewelry that you can find on Etsy; then visit the site to see more and buy them for you or to make beautiful gifts!

If you like to make the creations, not necessarily jewels, and would like to sell them; you can open your own shop on Etsy and here’s a practical and simple guide on how to do it: “Opening a store on Etsy” Marco Togni.

Header Photo Credit: The Odyssey


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