Outfits of the day

I decided to share with you my outfits for today: a casual one for the daytime and a more elegant one for the night.

I like to stay comfortable during the day but I always want to look chic and glamorous too.

So for my daytime outfit today I’m wearing a pair of white shorts decorated with lace from Zara, a short light green T-shirt with “be you” written upside down and a white and blue kimono, both from Pull & Bear.

During the day if it’s hot outside I like to wear a pair of shorts with a t-shirt, both simple but with a touch of style; otherwise I love to wear dresses of all kind of shapes and colors, I think it’s an option that permits to be creative and combine different genres and textures.

When it’s cold outside I choose a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a cardigan.

For the night instead I chose a long white laced dress from Guess and a black and white clutch always from Guess.

My shoes are beige and black wedges of faux leather from Charme; while my rings are from Accessorize and so is my ring.

For the night I always like to wear a dress or a skirt with a blouse; I don’t like to be too elegant because I think that people don’t have to take themselves too seriously, above all when you’re young.

To dull the elegance I advise a leather jacket or a colored scarf.


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