How to take selfies like a pro

Marianna, Marta, Rossana e me.
Marianna, Marta, Rossana e me.

The other day during a fun conversation with my friend Rossana (our selfie above), she advised me to write an article on how to take selfies properly; at first I thought that it was stupid and not very useful, but given that the phenomenon of selfie now is widespread and it is part of our daily life (come on, who oesn’t take a selfie sometimes?), I thought I’d try and see what good could come out.

Nowadays selfie are mainly of Instagram, where in my opinion they should be confined; and where are the queens of selfie are: Kim Kardashian (who has even published a book in which she collected all her self-portraits); all the others flawless Kardashian; Nina Dobrev; Shay Mitchell and Ariana Grande. These selfie queens show us how should be our self-portraits:

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So here’s my advice to approach the level of perfection of these celebrities:

  • Capturing a good angle.
    Everyone has a “good side” of the face, where perhaps there are fewer imperfections or the best lines.
Via Wiki How
Via Wiki How

  • Smile or make funny faces.
    No one likes to see pictures of people bored or sad. Do not take yourself too seriously and try out some new poses.

  • Lighting is important.
    It’s not great when because of the light flaws like dark circles are highlighted, or strange shadows distort the face.

  • Prohibited Duck Faces.
    The pose that is so fashionable today is the one with the lips curled resembling a duck. AVOID. This also applies to all poses too thrusts and vulgar.

  • Avoid mirrors.
    It’s not great when you do a selfie and on the picture you can see your reflection in the mirror behind you; and it’s not even nice even when the picture is distorted because it’s taken in the mirror.

  • Do not use the front camera of the phone.
    It ‘s always best to use the back camera because it has a higher resolution and photos will be more defined and of high quality.

    Via Wiki How
    Via Wiki How

  • Attention to the background.
    It ‘s always nice to have a beautiful landscape in the background instead of the toilet of the bathroom or the clothes on the floor in the room.

  • More = Better.
    But only if we talk about how many people are in the selfie; more people there are, the better.

  • It’s always better to edit the photos before publishing them.
    I use two apps do: Aviary and Facetune (the latter is not free).

    Via Cool Smatphone
    Via Exclusive Hacks

    What I usually do is to increase the brightness, contrast and color saturation on Aviary; while Facetune can increase the whiteness of the background or other objects, smooth out the surfaces by removing the classic dots due to poor quality, increase the sharpness and details of certain areas and much more.

  • More = Worse.
    When it comes to filters to apply to photos. One is fine, but I don’t recommend to use more, I don’t think you want your photos to look like a comic book or to appear unnatural and ridiculous.

    Via Phorest
    Via Phorest

  • More = Worst Part 2.
    Nobody wants to see dozens of self-portraits of a person per day. Don’t  post too many, the selfie becomes the emblem of narcissism and egocentrism when used with excess.

I hope these tips will be useful, follow me on Instagram @samanthalifestyle!

Header via Live By The Sun Love By The Moon.


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