Happy bday That Lifestyle!

It ‘s been exactly a year since I started this blog.

It was so different, and so was I. In one year we have grown together and I can say to be proud of what it has become.

It’s very important to me and although I don’t dedicate to it as much time as I would like to, I’m still happy with it and every article that I posted.

It takes time and effort to manage a blog, select the theme and widgets, do research for each article, choose photos, write in two languages ​​etc.

But I never regret having chosen to do it because I know what it represents for me: it’s a place where I can be free to express my opinions and share things that I like.

This first anniversary could not have come in a more perfect time as in two days it’s my birthday.

I want to thank all those who read my articles and express their support through likes and comments. Thank you, because without you there wouldn’t be That Lifestyle.

I hope that with time there will be other great opportunities for my blog and I hope it will grow, just as I’ll grow up.



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