Last Minute Halloween

This article is last minute, just like the issue it deals with.

Tomorrow is Halloween, there are those who worship it and those who hate it, those who go to parties or who stays at home to watch a movie with their friends (that’s what I’ll do this year).

But for those who want to celebrate it, it’s always nice to wear a particular makeup and dress in a particular way; not necessarily a real full custom, which can sometimes be a very expensive option.

For those who are looking for a last minute & low cost idea and inspiration, I have something for you.

Simple DIY ideas:

If you don’t know who Miranda Sings is, you should definitely go see her videos on YouTube because she is hilarious and dressing like her on Halloween would be very funny and original and very simple among others.
Just wear a pair of high red trousers waist very high, a dirty shirt or a “grandma” sweatshirt and use a red lipstick and mess it up; pull back your hair with bobby pins and you’re done.

  • Minion

Minions are beautiful and I love them; they are a very cute idea for a costume and in the website She Knows you can find the tutorial.

If instead you prefer dedicate yourself just to a makeup, here it is my favorite:

For whom like me stays at home to watch a movie, you can’t really forget the classics in this day:

Header via


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