I’m a @NARSissist – Review #1

There are not a lot of brands whose products I love unconditionally; but among these, there is the NARS Cosmetics.

Unfortunately this brand is not really known here in Italy, but you can find it in some Sephora stores: in Florence, Rome, Milan, Mestre, Padua, Venice, Pisa, Turin, etc .. for a total of 40 stores.
Nars offers a wide range of products and accessories for make-up; I prefer the lipsticks, concealers and their Kabuki brushes.

Via MakeupgeekXtra YouTube channel
Via MakeupgeekXtra YouTube channel

Via Beauty Tester
Via Beauty Tester
Via Make up for life
Via Make up for life

I know that, unfortunately, their makeup is not very accessible, on the contrary they are quite expensive; but if you want something of good quality, an exception to the rule can be done.

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On October 13, I came home and I found on my desk a package sent from New York by Nars Cosmetics (which is part of the company Shiseido); obviously they had contacted me before on Twitter asking my address; but I live in Italy so I dind’t think that they wouls seriously send me a gift.

But I was wrong; they were so kind to send me two products as a present: a nude gloss and creamy pink gold eye shadow .

Obviously it goes without saying that I love them and that as soon as I saw the package I screamed and jumped for joy (literally); but I want to assure you that this article was not sponsored in any way and I’m just expressing my views and my love for this brand as I do with anything else.

Now for the technical part: how are their products, qualitatively?

Obviously I can only speak for those I have personally tested, but if this is the premise we are very well placed.

Let’s start from the gloss.
It ‘a very elegant packaging, small and compact, 6 ml. It is nude, the color is Chelsea Girls 1695, and it has very good coverage; it’s not too sticky and long-lasting; just like the eye shadow, which is in stick, shades Goddess 8256, that is a golden with a hint of pink, is glittery and creamy.
It lasts very long due to its texture that makes it easy to apply and blend and when it dries it becomes very resistant and waterproof.

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I recommend you go to see the website of Nars Cosmetics, also because they just dropped a new exclusive line designed and created by Steven Klein; which provides many palettes of eye shadows, contour, blushes and brushes.

So hurry up and make good buys!


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