2015 Favourites!

2015 now is over and now we enter into a new year, with a little luck, it will be memorable and full of surprises.

But I want to focus a little more on 2015, as you may have guessed from the title of the article, to share with you my favourites of last year.

From make up, to movies, to apps; here are my “2015 Favourites”:

Via Una Banda Di Cefali

Mr. Robot Wins the “prize” for my favorite TV series of 2015. If you have not seen it yet, well .. you have to do it! The first season was released just in the past year and the website Una Banda Di Cefali, you can find a review very well done with all that is worth knowing about the TV series.

Via Oysho

This is my favorite piece of decor in 2015; received as a soft gift at Christmas. On the site of the store Oysho can find more and I can guarantee that you have never touched something softer and warmer than this blanket.

Via Dadalife

Buzzfeed in 2015 got me waste a lo of time; this app offers a wide variety of articles, quizzes, trivia, news etc. And I warn you, you could get addicted.

Via Variety

Here was the film I had been looking forward most of last year and that didn’t disappoint me at all: Hunger Games – Il Canto della Rivolta Parte 2.
After reading the trilogy, the movies were a must; and the last one was released in November last year; if you haven’t seen it, go watch the whole saga, I love it!

Via Sperling & Kupfer

Here I have a little cheated; I did not exactly finish reading this book, but I started in 2015 and so I think that could fit in the list.

“L’imprevedibile Viaggio di Harold Fry” is:
“When he learns that an old friend is dying in a village on the border with Scotland, Harold Fry, quiet retired English man, leaves home to send her a letter. But then, arrived at the first mailbox, he began to walk. He decided: until he will walk, her friend will live on. So begins Harold for an unpredictable journey from the south to the north of England. “

For make up I decide not to choos only one product, but a few more:

For the Nars Cosmetics products read also my review!

My favorite dress of 2015 is a white one by Guess that I love.

The magazine that I picked is obviously Elle, I buy it every month and I really like it!

And for last, here are my favorite photos of 2015:




So here are my 2015 favourites; what are yours? Tell me in the comments 🙂


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