One Day Totally Dedicated To My Blog


Where I am: In my bedroom, in front of my desk – and yes, still in my pajamas.

What I drink: I turn my computer on, I go in the kitchen and while my mocha is on the cookers I change my clothes but I still wear something casual and comfortable since I’m gonna stay home.

What I eat: Since I don’t have to go to the University I got plenty of time and I can eat some breakfast, I always change what I eat because I like to vary tastes and foods. I either opt for rusks with strawberry jelly or some cookies with chocolate chips.

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The morning is the part of the day reserved to checking my emails and any notifications from my social medias.

This usually doesn’t take a lot of time so after that I go through Instagram and like some pics and then through Twitter, liking, retweetting and reading some interesting blog posts that I find on Bloglovin’.Checking Twitter out I found a lot of brands that I didn’t know about and if I like them I find their email address and contact them for a possible collaboration (those are the main emails I read in the morning).The social media part takes a lot of time – not even a little bit ashamed of it – and so lunch time comes fast.


Where I am: At the table in the dining room.

What I drink: Lots of water and some Coca Cola – way too obsessed with it, kind of addicted.

What I eat: I like to keep it light for what regards lunch, so either I have some pasta with tomato or tuna, or I have a maxi salad with tuna, sweet corn, peas, cherry tomatoes and julienne carrots – I love this during summer time, it’s so refreshing, light yet delicious.

After lunch I dedicate to planning and organizing my ideas and dates.
This year I made a terrible choice buying my planner, I bought Be-U diary because I liked the possibility of personalizing it all, from the cover to the binders. The only problem with it is that it is really big and not really convenient to carry around in my purse. So I don’t use it anymore – yes I wasted my money on that and I really regret it because I could’ve bought a better one – and I use instead a simple notebook that I bought at Ikea, which has blank pages where I do to-do lists, plan my posts, write my ideas down and write some quotes that I find and like.
Since it’s still the University time of the year and all I walk away from the computer, review my notes and study my subjects; depending on how much time I spend studying I organize the rest of my day.
If I still have some time left before dinner I develop my blog ideas, do researches and start writing some posts.
But something that I can’t skip is my 5 pm tea with cereal biscuits, that usually is also when I read my Elle magazine.



Where I am: On the couch, with my soft blanket.

What I drink: Around 10 pm I always drink a tisane.

What I eat: I usually eat meat at dinner and I love to cook chicken breasts sautéed with lemon, and maybe with grilled zucchini as a side dish.

At night I like to take part to the Twitter chats for bloggers, where I get to know new people, share my opinions and learn new things. It is also a great way to grow your blog views and your followers.
This is the time to edit my photos, set some auto tweet on Tweet Jukebox and check my statistics.

Lastly I prepare my bag for the next day, I clean my face with a natural soap and I go to sleep – maybe I’ll read a little bit or listen to some music before falling asleep.


This is my day as a blogger, what’s yours? Tell me what you do to promote your blog and what is your routine in the comment section below.


7 thoughts on “One Day Totally Dedicated To My Blog

  1. I love these day when you can spend most of your time blogging. Unfortunately, at the moment for me this happens quite rarely as I’m revising almost 24/7. Can’t wait for exams to be over, so I can dedicate more time to my blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally understand you! I got mu days full of university and exams so I can’t spend a lot of time blogging too, but I hope summer will be here soon so I can take these kind of days for myself again 🙂


    1. It is a type of tea made of herbs, it is purifying, caffeine-free and relaxing 😊 Thanks a lot for the comment!


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