Seventeen by the sunset – Easy On The Eye Review!

When I came back from the University a couple of days ago the sun was going down an on my table there was a package with my name written on it. I could tell it was from Englad from the stamps an when I opened it I wad pleasantly surprised; there were a buch of Seventeen products.

I never tried this brand before so I couldn’t wait to experiment with them, but since there was a magic light outside, I decided to take many photos of them first.

Easy On The Eye Palette (1)

For this first article I’m going to review the Easy On The Eye palettes and show you two looks that I created with them – I’m not a professional makeup artist, I love makeup and playing with it, so don’t judge my simple looks or my redish eyes, they were a little irritated from stress and tiredness.

So let’s get into it:

In the eye palettes there are 8 matte, shimmer & pearl powders, 3 metallic creams and 1 eye primer. In the beautiful and elegant package is also included a dual ended applicator, a mirror and a “get the look” guide, that explains how to get a smoky eye and gives some tips on how to use the different eye shadows.  In the “Birthday Suit” palette there are these colors:

Easy On The Eye Palette 'Birthday Suit' (2)

  1. Gentle Pink
  2. Warm Ivory
  3. Sun Kissed Peach
  4. Radiant Gold
  5. Cool Rose
  6. Warm Mink
  7. Toasted Almond
  8. Baked Chestnut
  9. Bronzed Buff
  10. Burnt Copper
  11. Pink Flush
  12. Eye primer

Instead in the “The Big Smoke” one there are:

Easy On The Eye Palette 'The Big Smoke' (2)

  1. Twilight Blue
  2. Onyx Black
  3. Cocoa Brown
  4. Slate Grey
  5. Smoky Marble
  6. Cloudy Lilac
  7. Wild Khaki
  8. Warm Ivory
  9. Cool Aluminium
  10. Pink Flush
  11. Illuminated Bronze
  12. Eye primer

As you can see these two palettes have in common a few things, besides the eye primer, the mirror and the brush, they both have “warm ivory” and “pink flush”; this is because they are neutral color that can be used as a base to smooth and even out the color of the eye lid.
In the back of the package – that’s also a beautiful, elegant, compact and handy package – there is a little drawing to explain the position of the various colors.

I thought I could do a swatch of the colors but since they are really pigmented so they result the same you can see in the photo, I thought that it would be unnecessary – tell me if you want me to do it in the comments!

It seems all perfect so far, they are very good quality products and if you ask me, this brand is totally undervalued; but there’s a thing that’s not so perfect: the brush.
Obviously you can’t claim an amazing brush with a palette – it’s always best to use your own – but a girl can dream. It’s not awful don’t get me wrong, but it’s not excellent either; but if you’re not a professional you can totally use it and obtain good results, as I did.

Here are the looks I created with the two different palettes:


A little explanation of what I did and use: I applied the eye primer on the lid and then used the “warm ivory” for both looks. For the first one I used “The Big Smoke” palette and I used a lighter pinkish color on the inner corner and a darker blue on the ouside corner, then I applied on the center of the lid the cream metallic eye shadow “cool aluminium”. I finished with some mascara on the upper and bottom lashes and a bit of black eye pencil on the waterline.
For the secon look I used “Birthday Suit” and I did the same thing I did before, but this time I applied two different cream eye shadows as a base and then the matte ones. For this look I also created a wing with the Seventeen Laccquer Liner and lastly I put on some mascara.

For other tips look at the guide included with each palette.

Easy On The Eye Palette 'The Big Smoke' (1)

That’s it. What do you think about Easy On The Lid? Have you tried them? If you still haven’t I highly suggest you to give it a try, they are so worth it.

Stay tuned for the reviews of the other Seventeen products!

Disclaimer: The mentioned products have been sent to me freely by the reference so that I could make an objective evaluation and declare my honest opinion, not influenced in any way by having received the products in question.


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