Let’s talk about nails, baby.

Who knows me also knows how much I love to take care of my nails and paint them in the most various ways. I always want to try new patterns, designs and colors.

So I thought to find some other girls with my same love – kind of obsession – and get them to share with me and you all their must have, tips & tricks and some of their nail photos.

So here we go:

Demi Leigh Denbraber profile pic

Demi Leigh Denbraber

Nails are one of my main features and I always make sure my nails are in top shape. I’ve either got them painted or wearing fake nails. The most essential tool for my nails is my nail file. I carry one of these everywhere with me. There in every room of the house and every bag I own. If I chip my nail, it’ll be the end of the world if I didn’t have a nail file on me! 
I normally do my own false nails. I ordered clear nails from eBay which I got around 10,000 for £5. I file them into shape stick them on and then paint over them. I get asked constantly if they’re acrylics, which you couldn’t tell if they were or not. 

My favourite nail varnish is O.P.I and nails INC. they’re amazing, my collection is so big and don’t think I’d ever fault them!

Here are some of my false nail pictures I’ve done myself:

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Rita Macedo profile picRita Macedo

I’ve been a lover of nail polishes and pretty nails for many years now and it was probably the first thing that linked me to the world of beauty. I search constantly for beauty products that are great quality and won’t make your wallet feel too naked. My all-time favourite nail polishes are from KIKO. The brush is really dense and the formula isn’t too liquid-y which allows you to achieve the perfect opaque look with just one coat. The Essence The Gel Nail Polishes are my second favourite as the formula is very similar to the KIKO ones but not as long-lasting. My third favourite is a recent discovery and it’s the MUA Nail Polishes that are only 1€/£1. These last really well too but the brush isn’t as dense which can make it a little bit trickier to apply. Overall, these three nail polishes are great and purse-friendly.

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Hannah Jane Hawes profile pic

Hannah Jane Hawes

I’m the sort of person, who is very rarely seen without acrylics on! I have a terrible habit of biting my nails and when I have false nails on I just don’t seem to even attempt it! It can be costly, but it depends on how often you have to go and get infills in, or taken off and a new set applied. Where I go, it’s costs £20 for a full set and every 4-5 weeks I go back for infills which only cost £15. They last a good length of time.
My only suggestion would be, if you’re not use to long nails, start off short and as they grow out and get longer, you’ll automatically get used to the length. That way when you go for infills you won’t have to ask for them to be cut down. Some people think mine are too long, (I’ve had longer), but I don’t even notice the length anymore.
Love Hannah xx

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Hannah Jane Hawes


Street Savvy BeautyLeanne Grieve

My top tips are:
– Always start with a base coat to avoid staining your nails.
– Hold your hands under cold water post nail paint to help it dry faster.
– Find nail polishes that have a flat square brush as this helps paint the surface of the nail quicker before it dries.
– Always let the paint dry in-between applications or you won’t get a smooth finish.
– Invest in a gel top coat to help make nails look shiny and professional.
– To tidy up mistakes around the nail, dip a cotton swab in nail polish remover and tab around the edges.
– To make your nail polish bottles last longer, store them in the fridge to helm them keep their colour and consistency!


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Lucy Dorling
Lucy’s must haves are:
1. Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File
I won’t use any other file, emery boards can be too harsh and rip your nails. A crystal file have no discernible grit, you can even file side to side without damage.
2. Leighton Denny Renovate
This is a fantastic treatment that can really overhaul your nails. It contains Diamond dust to smooth your nail plate and essential oils to hydrate it is a wonderful product to treat damaged nails.
3. Strictly Professional Cuticle Remover

A good cuticle remover that works very quickly to get rid of the excess cuticle.


4. OPI Nail Envy
I have been using Nail Envy for 20 years and wouldn’t be without it. It is an excellent nail strengthener without making your nails too brittle.

5. Cuticle Oil
Just as important for me as Nail Envy and Renovate. Hydrates nails to make them flexible without breaking. My favourites are OPI Avoplex and CND Solar Oil.

6. Hand Cream
I am obsessed with hand cream and I’m always applying it especially after washing my hands. Don’t forget to rub some in around the cuticle for extra moisture. My favourites are Liz Earle Hand Repair and Hand Chemistry Extreme Hydration Concentrate.

7. Seche Vite Top Coat
Simply the best top coat I have ever tried. It dries so quickly and the shine is amazing. I don’t do a manicure without it.

8. Leighton Denny Precision Brush and Corrector
So much more precise than those corrector pens. So easy to tidy up if you have made a mistake!


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And now it’s my turn!

  • MUST HAVE: An enhancer nail polish. With stress my nails tend to break more easily so I always make sure to use a enhancer nail polish as a base before applying the color that I want. Sometimes I only live the transparent one so that my nails can breathe and grow well.
  • TIPS: My tip for you is not to cut your nails, but to use a nail file to prevent them from exfoliate.
    Rub some olive or coconut oil on your nails and cuticles for an extra moisture.
    Also try not to do gel nails too often, otherwise they will get weak and it will be hard to make them grow strong again.

Here are some of my nail pics:

Photo credit (for the header): naomi yamada via Visualhunt.com / CC BY



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  1. Love this post I love doing my nails sometimes but I’m not good at designing it. Thanks for the tips about the fake nails because the acrylic can be really dangerous when you inhale too much. Have a great weekend

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