Divinity LA Bracelets Review!

Who follows me on Twitter – do it! – should know how much I love Divinity LA.

I discovered this brand last year and absolutely fell in love with it. Divinity LA sells amazing bracelets, here some examples:

Each of their bracelets has a distinguished meaning, for every sold bracelet the brand devolves $1 for a charitable company, for example to the International Elephant Foundation and Relay for Life.

So when they asked me to pick two of their accessories not only I picked the ones that I like the most – almost impossible deed since I love them all – but I also thought of their meaning and importance, this is why I picked The Panda and The Sea Turtle.

Panda – Matte Onyx & Howlite. As a symbol of heart-centered power, the panda promotes optimism and reduces stress. Helping to eliminate negative energy and nurture positive thoughts, the panda is a powerful tool for reaching your most earnest goals.

The Sea Turtle – Howlite & Aventurine. This bracelet proves that slow and steady wins the race. Featuring stones that enhance creativity and mental clarity, this stunning piece is sure to attract happiness and a positive outlook on life.

I have to say that honestly I didn’t expect these bracelets to be this beautiful. The colors, quality and attention for the details really impressed me. And now I consider them like my talisman. Yes you got it right. They have such an important and deep meaning that inspire and encourage me to have a more positive prospective in life, to love myself, keep me out of stress, to always be down to earth, but most importantly to care about our world and environment.

They are not only beautiful and socially/culturally important, but also not expensive: all the bracelets cost $16, with the only exception for the Triple Back Cubic Zirconium, which costs $28.

These bracelets are simple, colorful, youthful and they go with every look and outfit. They are also perfect to make a gift and you can be sure they’ll be appreciated!

Disclaimer: The mentioned products have been sent to me freely by the reference so that I could make an objective evaluation and declare my honest opinion, not influenced in any way by having received the products in question.


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