Best Tools For Bloggers

Being a blogger for more than a year I learned many things and above all what tools to use to advertise my blog, increase views and promote my posts; and in this post I will tell you what are the sites you use and how.


Chief among them is Twitter. This is a social media platform that offers many possibilities for us bloggers; of course it is useful to promote the articles, sharing them in your feed, but not everyone knows (or at least I have recently discovered) that there are special profiles for bloggers that offer retweet if you tag them in your tweeets, here is a short list of those to whom I rely:


But Twitter’s usefulness does not end there, there are also many chats in which you can take part, which you can follow with a hashtag; they are run every week by a different blogger, who prepare questions on the topic of the chat, which varies from time to time.
Here are those that I follow:


Chats are in English and give an incredible opportunity to meet new people, learn new things and gain publicity.
The best thing is that all this is free and opened to everyone.


Another social media very useful, beyond the obvious Facebook, is Bloglovin’; which provides a strong community for bloggers.
Just sign yourself and your blog up and you can then read articles, create and advertise your owns and create lists (a bit like Pinterest).


Writing and advertising a post in 140 characters is hars, especially if you want to include the link of your article and if this is quite long.
To shorten it and spare some letters, the website is very useful, which shortens all the links you want without having to subscribe.



There are several other sites that have built a community for bloggers and offer great services; for example Pick A Blogger.

This site offers unlimited submissions for Giveaways, retweets, eligibility to host in , unlimited access to the forum, discounts and offers for the Elite Membership.



Promote the articles several times a day can take enough time, you must copy the link and post them several times; but there are sites that can do it for you, saving you time and energy. There are several sites that do it, but the ones I use are Tweet Jukebox and Buffer (which is also available as an app).

The first allows you to set a maximum of 5 tweet, set the text, the frequency and the time at which you want to publish them on Twitter.

The second one is used to create a list of tweets or Facebook posts and a timetable for when to publish them.
Also this website allows you to find out which in which times you receive more like, retweets and mentions on the different social medias supported (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ e Pinterest) an to see the statistics in clear and simple esplicative graphics.


Both sites are free and you can buy different plans to expand the offered services.


To modify images there are various tools, for example I use Photoshop, but it requires a certain dexterity and experience; a simpler tool is Pic Monkey, a free online service.


Senza-titolo-7DA FONT

Also cannot be missing artistic, decorative, good fonts, which can be downloaded  from  Da Font; where you’ll find an infinity of them, divided in different categories (ex. dove ne troverete un’infinità, divisi tra diverse categorie (es. Curled, Retro, Calligraphy).
I advise to first read the license, because, even if most of them are free to use for whatever utilization, some of them are available only for personal use and can not be shared on social medias and websites.



To create headers, images for social medias, posters and presentations; a simple and useful tool is Canva, a free site that offers beautiful customizable layouts with which to create countless things.

For example I’ve created this:


Senza-titolo-4ALL THE FREE STOCK

To find instead not copyrighted images with license for commercial use and modifications, I use All The Free Stock, which also allows you to search for songs, videos, fonts and color palettes.
In a blog images have a central role and it is always better to be cautious, even though you don’t make an unlawful use of them; with this website you can be sure and find many good pictures to use in whatever way you want.

The images have a license that allows a large use and for each one of them it’s indicated what you can do with them and if you have to give credit to the author.

This website also allows you to search the images from different sources and sites, all in the same place.


Lastly, here are some other sites that offer blogging communities: The Blogger Programme, Next Blogger Network, Blogger Italia, The Blogger Hub.
All of these sites put you in direct contact with brands and allow you to make advertising.

Here are all the tools that I use for my blog. Which ones do you use? Do you advise others?


53 thoughts on “Best Tools For Bloggers

    1. I totally understand you, I used to participate a lot but now I can’t really find the time, but I think I really should because they’re great for a blogger 🙂


    1. I highly recommend trying participating in one of them, they are really great for meeting new people and so advertising your blog to a lot of people. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Just came across this post via twitter. I am quite new to the blogging world so I would want to make the most of it as I want to make it a long term commitment but was unsure how to go about certain things which are now listed in here so I will try them out 🙂

    Thanks for the tips

    Sam x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This post is fantastic, I love Twitter and think it’s great for connecting with people and getting your content out there. I’m definitely going to check out Pick a blogger sounds interesting. Omg thank you for posting the timetable for Twitter chats yay.
    When you have some time head over to my Empowerment and Lifestyle blog 😘 sending positive vibes your way xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m happy it could be useful to you. I surely love twitter as well, I think it’s the best platform for us bloggers and it offers so many services.
      Thanks for the comment! I’ll check out your blog as well 🙂


  3. This is what every single blogger needs! It covers literally all the basics!Thank you s much ❤
    I had a question though,I wanted to make a pop up subscription letter, I got the HTML for it through MailMunch but I don't know how to put it to work. Can you please help?

    Much love x

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh God I’m so sorry! From my cellphone I couldn’t read the whole comment but only the first sentence, I apologize for that.

        I honestly used MailChimp so I created the HTML code and added the MailChimp widget to my sidebar and inserted the HTML code
        It’s pretty simple and I suggest you to do like this 🙂 I’m sorry but I don’t know how MailMunch works but MailChimp is already supported by WordPress so it’s the easier and simpler choice


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