University – Office Edition

It’s a long time since I’ve done an “Outfit Ideas” article and so I decided to make things a bit more special: I involved (forced) my friend Rossana to be my amateur model around Treviso to show you some casual-chic outfits for the university and the office.

The winter is ending (finally Spring is coming!), and for the last few days, which are still very cold, we have some ideas on how you could get dressed:

Black is a great color to make any outfit more elegant, you can combine it with any cloth and is perfect for any occasion.
Adding a touch of color while maintaining a semi-elegant style, is very easy to do; also these looks are easy to recreate and inexpensive.

I recreated for you the styles worn by Rossana, adding some makeup and lifestyle products.

Black & White


 With such simple and neutral look you can choose to add an audacious and colorful touch, or keep going on this line adding clear pastel tones, like beige and light pink.

Flower Girl


Even though there’s a predominance of black, in this look were inserted various colorful and lively elements, like the lipstick and the blush.

A gold touch fits perfectly with the electric blue of the jacket and the black; and a beige nail polish can’t ever be wrong.




    1. Thanks a lot! Too bad the girl in the photos isn’t me but a friend of mine ahah Thanks for passing by anyway, I’m glad you like the outfits! x


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