Spring Makeup Look


Hey Michelle here.

Would you believe me if I said I cried a little on my way home from work last week because it was light outside? Well I did. I love Spring/Summer and I love my make up to match my light and happy mood.

Me and Samantha have worked together to create a spring look for you. You can check out Samantha post in my blog.


For this look I wanted to look healthy and glowing so I went for a dewy look. I use coconut oil on my face in the night so all the oil can sink in.

The next day I use Gosh primer and add Rimmel foundation, all over my face, with Revlon concealer to try and hide my bags and spots. As I wanted to look dewy and shiny I added just a little powder, this Avon powder is great for this because it doesn’t look matte.

Click here to see the palette.

Next is my eyes. Here’s the hardest bit, so first I applied a transition shade, I applied this just to the crease of my eyelid, for this I used the fourth colour in on the Revolution palette.

Next I applied the pink to the centre of my eyelid, I used Damsel from the (S&G palette) mixed with the Revolution 4 in from the left.

I wanted this pink to fade from light to dark pink so I added Moon mist (S&G) to the inner corner. To create a darker outer corner I added Choccy (S&G) to the outer third of my eyelid, and 1 from the right in the Revolution palette to the very outer corner, before getting a fluffy brush to soften the look. I put a small amount of the pink below my eye just Damsel (S&G)

 I wish I decided to add a wing but I didn’t I just added eyeliner to my upper water line. Then I used two mascaras, the first is great for separating my lashes (from Avon) and the second makes them visible.

I use this Avon Brow Kit because I don’t like my brows to look done, but I don’t like them bare.

Then I contoured using this Avon palette (which I can’t find sorry) and used Barry M highlight and blusher I use the darkest pink for blush because otherwise I don’t notice it. I didn’t apply a lot because I didn’t want a heavy contour, just to look like I have some shape to my face.

Lastly I applied lipstick is the shade Chic, this looks more pink on, then I just brushed matte powder on top to create a matte look.

And here’s the look again.

I hope you enjoyed the post and go check out Samantha’s post.


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