John Sennet’s Takeover


Ronan Keating once said ‘Life is a roller coaster’ and boy does this resonate to our emotional well-being; one minute we’re up, the next we’re down. A scenario we hate, but one we must adjust to.

Life will always have its ups and downs and unfortunately this can play on our self-esteem. You might read my work, what’ I’ve done or even look at my blog and think ‘Wow, this guy is confident!’. It’s true. I’m confident in my skin, but this hasn’t always been the case. I had to deal with life’s struggles to get me to this point of self-worth; bullying, cancer, life defining injuries and much more.

All of the above have impacted my life, but would you guess that all of them happened before I was 18?

I was constantly being bullied at school due to my height and build, both parents had cancer, a single knee injury ended my chances to go on a scholarship in America and ended my athletic days and it crushed me. I had little energy after all of this, and it was highlighted in the next few years in my life. I hadn’t stayed in a job longer than a few months, I had no direction in life, but then I made a decision.

I quit my job (no surprise there) and started from scratch. I made the biggest decision of my life to build a journey I was happy with and a journey where I utilized my past to make a stand.

I’m John Sennett, and I’m going to be somebody! I’m going to stand up for what I believe in and make a difference to those going through what I went through as a teenager.


You’ve got to remember I had no confidence up until this point, so this was a really big step. The tiny bit of energy I had left was used to start this journey. A journey that has transformed my life. I could write about my journey on here, but it’s long, really long, so if you fancy reading my full journey, please do check out my blog John’s Road To Volunteering.

I can’t end this guest blog here. I want to share with you my top 5 tips to overcoming low self-esteem and making a presence for yourself in today’s society.

  1. Do you know who you are? Who you want to be? Jot down all the skills and attributes you like, dislike and wish to gain and this is your starting point.
  2. Think you’re the person you want to be. We all have our comfort zone and if you’ve got low self-esteem you’ll most likely be scared to promote yourself. Take the steps you would take if you’re successful and work from that.
  3. Don’t accept support. This is probably the last thing you would have thought I’d advise, but what happens when you’re support system is no longer around? To be successful you need to be a leader and leaders are confident in what they do. They lead, not follow.
  4. Find your motivations. Does a specific genre of music liven up your day? Have a particular hobby you love?
  5. Accept the bad days. We all have them, and I know I certainly do, but it’s normally the harder times that makes us who we are. The harder times that give us a fiery passion, that we can then use to better our lives.

Our lives are defined by us. No-one else, just us. We could think to ourselves about the person we could be and the luxuries we might have, but forget the ‘could’s’ and the ‘might’s’!!

No-one builds confidence if they think, it’s what you do that’ll define who you are in this world.

I was such a pleasure being able to speak to John and having him on my blog!

I really have to say that he’s an incredible person and deserves only the best in life.
He listened to me and helped me, and that’s not a common thing to do for a stranger, but he spent his time trying to give me advice and tips.

So I hope this post will help someone that like me, has confidence issues and lots of insecurities; feel free to contact me if you need anything because not only John helped me achieve a more positive thinking, but also inspired me in helping people.

Comment below your thoughts and tips on how to overcome this kind of problems, you might help someone! And don’t forget to check John’s blog over at John’s Road To Volunteering.

I’ll leave you with one of John’s quotes from one of his awesome posts, “Why We’re The Only Obstacle In Life”:

Will you stand there in front of the wall accepting defeat or will you walk around it creating a new path to your wildest dreams?


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