Dreaming About The Spring Break

Right now I’m dreaming about the Spring break, not the movie, but the an actual vacation to an exotic place, when the sun almost burns your skin; you can finally post on Instagram using the #TanGoals hashtag; you dance, listen to music and do nothing more all day…
I’ve never been on a Spring break but that’s how I imagine it, and don’t try destroy my fantasy!
And this is kind of what my dream looks like:


So I decided to share my dream with you and talk about essentials, destinations and alternatives.


If you’re leaving for a vacation, no matter when or in what occasion, there are some things that you just have to bring with you. Everyone has those items they can’t leave without and to show you mine in a pretty way, my friends at Home Away have kindly created this checklist with my top 5 essentials (it’s so beautiful that it makes me wanna leave and never come back!).


  • No matter if I’m going to the beach or not, with these sunny days that are coming I cannot forget my sunglasses.
  • The camera is an absolute must, whenever I go I always like to take pictures and capture every special moment and landscape.
  • I don’t know about you but I’m pretty creative and I love to doodle, draw and paint, so another essential of mine is a traveler journal. There are many kinds of it, it could be just a simple notebook, or (the kind I like) a leather-bound diary where you can insert multiple notebooks and even documents, cards, your passport..
  • I don’t like to bring with me too many beauty products so to do my makeup I prefer using one or two palettes, with neutral colors that can be used both for face and eyes, or anyway some multi-function product.
  • It’s always important to wash your face at night and take off al the makeup, but I think it’s even more important doing it during journeys and trips.
    All the sweat, makeup, tiredness can disappear with one touch of makeup wipes; they can fresh you up a bit and you can also use them for other parts of your body or, if they’re disinfectants too, you can clean the seat of the bus, “wash” your hands and do a lot more.


You can obviously spend a lovely weekend anywhere you like, but if you’re out of ideas, here are some places where you could spend your Spring break:

  • If you live in the States the top locations are Florida Panhandle, Panama City Beach (Florida), South Padre Island (Texas), Miami Beach and Apalachicola (Florida).
  • Other great places around the world are for example: Cancun, Tamarindo and Santa Teresa in Costa Rica, Treasure Beach (Jamaica) and Maui.
  • Some family destinations are the Smuggler’s Notch Resort in Vermont, where you can play in the snow with your children; Rancho De Los Caballeros in Arizona, a ranch where the kids can play sports, hike, swim and do lots of things; Loews Coronado Bay in San Diego is the typical Spring break destination with beaches, sun and everything you can desire, but it is for families.
  • If you prefer visit a city, going to museums and have a more cultural vacation, I suggest you to go to Florence, Rome, New York, Paris, London.. Anywhere you want.
  • As my favorite place I suggest you to go to Brasil, where you have a mix between culture (museums, music, food, art, lovely people, shopping..) and beautiful, wonderful beaches.
Praia do Ipanema
Ipanema Beach – Brasil

The places you can go enjoy your free time are pretty much endless, so you can choose the one that best suits you and your budget.


To find the hotel I recommend you to go over to my friends of Home Away and you can simply find the perfect one for you.


As you can see all you have to do is inserting the destination, dates of arrive and departure and how many people.
From there it just keep being as simple as this. You’ll see a list of possible hotels and their cost and all you only have to choose the one you like the most!

There you have it! My Spring break (or whenever you want) holiday guide!

What are you essentials for travelling? Where would you like the most? Can you recommend us a place you’ve already visited?
Tell me in the comments below!






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