My Creative Journal Flip-Through

Some nights I get some ideas or I want to release some stress so I take my little journal I bought at Ikea and I write or draw what I’m thinking about.

Today I want to show you a flip-through of my creative journal.


I must say first that this is not only my creative journal but also the place where I write my thoughts and ideas down and where I plan some of my posts, so I’ll show you this part as well.

So let’s get into it!

The first four pages contains mainly quotes and a poetry, which is “The Nymph’s Reply To The Shepard” by Walter Raleigh, and a piece of lyrics from the song “Way Down We Go” by Kaleo.
These two in particular might seem sad and I can’t object with that but that is because I write and draw everything on the basis of my mood in that moment, so if I’m feeling down a bit, I’ll write something not really joyful, like in this case.

The next interesting pages are those I wrote in the early days of 2016 and you probably (surely) don’t understand Italian so you won’t be able to read my new year’s resolutions so here they are:

Pass all my exams
Obtain blog collaborations for That Lifestyle
Visit new places and make new experiences
Lose some weight
Earn some money
Eat healthier, more vegetables
Paint a few paintings
Paint my room
Get more Instagram likes&followers and more Twitter hearts&retweets
Grow my blog up
Start jogging again

As you can see I set very general goals because I never stick to this kind of things but in this way there’s more probability I’ll succeed and I have to say that I’m pretty pleased to read these resolutions and realize that I’m on the good way to fulfill them all.

After that there is a brief to-do list for my year and once again I set a very low goal for my blog (get at least 3 collaborations) because I think I already get them but I want more of them, so I’ll just scratch that and write 20 instead.


This is a collage I made and it is my own version of a dream-board and I never believed that vision boards would really work but I think that it is very effective and impressive because you actually have to search through magazines all the things you love and would like to have and achieve, and that process only is very useful to help you understand what you want in your future and what kind of person you want to be.
Also seeing it often is a great reminder and motivational tool for me, I always carry it with me and it reminds me about my dreams, hopes and goals every time I looked at it, so I totally recommend you to give this a try and create your own.

I dedicated these pages for planning a blog post, How To Be Healthier And Happier In 2016, and my project of designing headers and logos for free for other bloggers.
Since this ere elaborate and complex projects I decided to write everything down, and that helped me organze my thoughts, ideas and keep track of everything.

I suggest you to write things down to have a clear plan and to organize yourself better, so you won’t forget about anything and you’ll have everything under control.

In the next two pages I focused more about my creative side and did some art work with watercolors.
In the rest of the pages there are some quotes: I’ve written “go punch monday in the face” because I needed some energy and motivation to start the week well, and the other one says “only in the dark you can see the stars” and I really wanted to write this because lately I’ve not been very stressed and a bit depressed so I need a reminder that bad moments always pass.

Oh and on one page I did a little grid with all the days and inserted the Twitter chats because I always forget about them. (If you do too check out my post, Tools For Bloggers, and you’ll find the schedule!)


In this photo you’ll notice my beautiful Divinity LA bracelets, which are two of my favorite accessories.

The little note on the top is a message I found in a chocolate my boyfriend bought me for Valentine’s Day and it says “Love is passion, friendship is a way of life”.
I liked this quote the moment I read it.

Below to the quote I’ve written a piece of lyrics of one of my favorite songs, “Another Day In Paradise” by Quinn, and I simply love it.

In the next few pages there are some more art works and experiments with hand lettering, which I’m really trying to improve, and my water brush.


I love coffee – like a classic Italian – so I loved this print from The Pretty Blog, go over to their page to download your pdf print, it’s absolutely adorable!

In this picture you can also see some of the beauty products I use every day, or almost.

Garnier BB cream is my must for my everyday makeup; I don’t use foundation and this BB cream covers all my imperfections – which are not a lot fortunately – and gives me a bit of color. It is so light and you won’t really feel it on your skin.

The SEVENTEEN lacquer liner is the best eye liner I’ve ever tried. It is so black and intense and it also lasts ALL day long.

Sometimes I also use the SEVENTEEN lip crayon and the Wow! Skin tan liquid glow as an highlighter – I love the gold shine it gives me.

Next to the coffee poster there is a list. It is a “quote” taken from the movie Ask Me Anything and all those points are, in the movie, written on a letter that Paul gives to Katie – don’t worry I’m no spoiler here – and it is basically the “truth about life”, and I like it because it’s so cynical and raw.


This is another list but this time I took it from a blog post by Buffer, “What I Wish I Knew About Creativity When I Was 20” by Kevan Lee, and it deals with creativity and give some tips about it. I only wrote the main tips but in the article each point was explained very well, so I recommend you to read it, it’s really great.
I added some of my own tips for every point and highlighted the most important ones for me.

And these are the last four pages of my creative journal, where I wrote a quote by F. Scott Fitgerald, played a little with my color pencils and on the last page, one of my favorites, I drew all the things I love; let’s see how many you can spot and name! Yes, I’m daring you.

I realize this post turned out really long, so, if you stayed with me till the end, THANK YOU. I really appreciate it.

I also want to say say I’m going to script some quotes, scan them and send them to my subscribers in a pdf format as a freebie, so they can download and print it.
So hurry up and subscribe to my blog! It’s very easy: just click on subscribe on the form that appears when you open my blog!

Do you have a journal? Do you have any creative projects? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Can I say for starters, u have some fantastic ideas on ur journals and secondly, excellent lyrics in way down we go by kaleo, They sing that song live in a volcano and it is amazing,
    Thanks for sharing your ideas, xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been wanting to start something like this for a while and seeing how pretty yours is has really spurred me on!
    I’m not nearly as artistic as you are but I’m sure I’ll put my own spin on it, I really enjoyed reading this post! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m really glad you like it and I hope you could find some inspiration for your own 🙂


  3. Ahhh I love this! Your journal is so pretty! I have a journal and it’s very fluid and free-flowing, kind of more of a brain dump. I’ve done art journaling in the past but this post definitely makes me want to go back to it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You have such a lovely journal! I’ve been attempting to keep one for the past year or so, and its been much more difficult than I would have thought! This was the perfect little bit of encouragement I needed to pull out my pen. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I really like this post. I have a small sketch pad which I doodle in. Don’t do it very often though. And I’ve just started a bullet journal for making lists and trackers. Neither of them are as pretty or as colourful as yours! Need to practise my letters. Love being creative as a form of stress relief.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so helpful to relax, isn’t it? I’m happy you liked the post and my little creative journal.
      I’m actually going to give the bullet journal a try too, I hope it will go well 🙂
      Thanks for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No probs. It is very relaxing. I haven’t blogged about my crafty stuff yet (still a new blogger!) but will soon.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I can’t wait to see your journal! I always like to see other blogger’s creative side and take inspiration from them.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. This is an amazing idea. I only write in my journal. I never thought about drawing and adding pictures. Thank you for sharing this!

    Liked by 1 person

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