Get The Look: Shay Mitchell

@shaym on Instagram

So I was sitting on my bed trying to figure out what to write about and post and I saw Shay Mitchell’s Instagram and there it was. It was like a sign, the universe was telling me “Samantha, you’ll never be beautiful like Shannon, but why don’t you write a post about her fabulous style?”

For who doesn’t know who Shay Mitchell is, she plays Emily on Pretty Little liars, was a model and she is a free-spirited, positive, funny, kind person, and let’s be real: she’s a food lover, so she’s basically perfect.

I love her style, which is always very young, colorful and cheerful for the fashion; and bronzy, warm and beachy for the makeup.
She often changes style and that’s something that I really like because she gives inspiration for any occasion.

She lives in LA so she uses lots of dresses, jumpsuits, shorts and bluses; so what better time to show you some of her outfits than now that Spring is here and the days are becoming longer  and warmer?

I took some of her looks I love the most from her Instagram feed and recreated them on Polyvore opting for cheaper, yet beautiful, pieces of clothing.

Shay Mitchell Get The Look 1


In this look it was difficult to find less expensive clothes, in fact the skirt and clutch are not really accessible but I’m sure you can find something similar at shops like Stradivarius or Bershka.

What I love about this outfit is that it’s extremely colorful and fun, without looking like a clown; in fact all the pieces fit perfectly together.

Shay Mitchell Get The Look 2


This outfit is much more casual and sporty, it can be rocked by anyone and it so simple to recreate.
It’s perfect for a day out with your friends or for a day of shopping (I’d dress like this to go to the university – I already do actually).

Shay Mitchell Get The Look 3


No need to describe this look. It’s fierce, flawless, comfortable, stylish and perfect.

@shaym on Instagram

The last look I wanted to show you is by far my favorite (the choice was really hard), and it is both elegant and casual.

It’s perfect for a brunch, a date or a lunch meeting; literally anything.

What makes it casual it’s the denim jacket, which every year is a must for Spring and which tones down the seriousness of the outfit, which is made even more chic by the Chanel bag.

Distinctive feature of Shay are her sunglasses. She wears them basically every day and she also collaborated with Quay Australia to create her own line.

I tried very hard to replicate this outfit but I couldn’t find a good alternative on the website for Shay’s jumpsuit.
I think that the same vibe and style could be recreated by some loose shorts and bluse with a similar print or color. Those shouldn’t be hard to find and I would recommend you checking Zara.

The denim jacket as I said is a must and a classic so pretty much everyone already owns one, for the purse: if you can afford a Chanel I really envy you and I want to be your friend (Just kidding.. well not really); if you’re looking for a cheaper option just buy something in straw and of a darkish color.

If you want see more recreated looks of Shay watch Tess Christine’s video here below!

What do you thin about Shay’s look? Do you like it? Who is your style guru? Tell me in the comments below!



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