My Truth About Blogging

Today’s post is going to be a bit different: I would like to tell you the truth behind blogging; well, my truth.

I want to tell you about my experience so far and what I’ve learnt this year and a half of blogging.

The bloggers’ life is always different for everyone and you may disagree on some things but I think some of you will share my same thoughts; so let’s get into it:

Blogging requires time.

If you think it will be easy and that anyone can do it, I’m sorry but it will take hours to find all the info you need for each post and hours to write them.
You have to take and edit pictures, write well and check you made no mistakes, advertise your blog many many times on many many social medias, planning your next posts in advance and arranging collaborations with brands and other bloggers as well.

Blogging requires creativity.

Each post you write should be a masterpiece. You always have to give your readers good quality, interesting, new content, possibly each week.
Sometimes I really can’t come up with a good idea, an some other days I write 3 new drafts in a day.
It really depends on the mood and my level of inspiration that day, but I always try to find something great to blog about, because at the end of the day, my readers are what keep me going and they deserve to receive something good.

Getting collaborations is hard.

Especially if you’re a small blog, like mine. And let me tell you this: don’t wait for brands to come to you with a proposal, go to them. Email them, tweet them, anything. Be perseverant without being oppressive.
I received so many no, but I never gave up and until now I obtained 7 brand collaborations and I aim to get more of them (I set the goal up to 25 for this year – wish me luck!)
But never think you can’t make it, if you have a great blog with good content, numbers don’t really matter, only your work do.
Don’t be afraid of reaching out to brands and introduce yourself, the worst it can happen is that they tell you is no; most of the time they won’t reply to your email due to the high volume of demands.
When I receive a reply my heart starts beating faster and I get so excited; when I don’t see the answer I was hoping for I feel sad and disappointed for a brief time, but then I decide not to give up, because I know my blog is worth it.

Finding a community is awesome.

I didn’t know that I would have found such a great community when I decide to open my blog. But I met wonderful people, who are really nice, talented and supportive.
Being kind is a must and helping other bloggers is imperative, that’s why I always try to help however I can any blogger who contacts me, and very happy to do so.
Keeping track with every blog, twitter chat and commenting to various posts and supporting fellow writers.. It’s SO SO hard. But it’s SO SO worth it.

The look counts.

When brands get back to me a lot of them start their email with “We saw your blog and it’s really great”.
I may not have the best looking blog ever but I’m really proud of its aesthetic.
The first impression in fact will not be based on what you write, but on how your blog looks. That will impress the readers more than it should, but that’s how it all works nowadays right?
Have a cute theme that reflects both your personality and the topics covered by your blog (It’s pretty hard believe me, especially when you only can choose between the one offered to you by your web host); then you also have to choose clever and beautiful widgets and place them in a good order; your sidebar doesn’t have to look messy and all the important information have to be easily accessible; while the overall look has to be eye-catching, simple, personal yet professional.
It’s a hard job, at least for me.

Sometimes you feel like giving up.

Sometimes I think I’m not doing it right or that everything I’m doing for this blog is kind of pointless and useless; I must admit that sometimes I think about closing it and I wonder how that will be and whether someone will even care.
I think that bad moment happen to all of us; when we let discouragement get to us and everything seems black – please tell me it doesn’t only happen to me lol.
But I think the importance of it all is that it makes me think about my work, everything I’m accomplishing and every progress I’ve made an at the end of the day I’m very proud of myself because quitting is very easy – let’s be real – but it’s hard to keep trying, keep committing to your blog and not giving up.

When someone makes you a compliment about your blog it feel amazing.

When someone comments on my posts telling me they liked it, or that it helped them, or just any other general appreciation; it really makes my day.
I think I’ll never get used to that, it’s always great to see that people recognize your hard work and like it.
When I receive support on my other social medias is really great too and I’m always happy to connect with my readers and followers; it really pays off all the work you’ve done to get there.

There you have it; all my thoughts and what I’ve learnt about blogging.

What have you learnt? Do you agree with what I’ve said? Tell me in the comments!



20 thoughts on “My Truth About Blogging

  1. Such a great post! My blog is only 6 months old but everything you wrote is 100% true. I’ve been putting off contacting brands but you are so right, it’s not about the amount of followers but the quality of your work. Thank you for reminding me of that. Sometimes we all get caught up in the numbers and forget why we blog, it’s honestly fun. The creative process is something I enjoy, the only stress comes when I can’t get the vision I have in my mind out onto the screen or portrayed the way I wanted – typical artistic struggle.

    Wishing you the best with your blog!!

    Xx Sarah

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  2. Just found his via your twitter last link, you are so right! I love the bit about finding a community. It’s true it is hard work as I am finding out but it is SO worth it just to hear everyone’s stories a feel part of aomething. Great post! Xx

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  3. I’ve come so close to throwing in the towel over the last couple months. I was making really great progress, which kind of… slowed to a halt – especially lately, since my work schedule has gotten crazy and I haven’t had much time to interact with people and network how I was.

    But that’s when it’s the most important to keep going, I think. Heck, I’ve written posts and made videos about how important it is to keep going through the rough patches, knowing that you’re just around the corner from a breakthrough.

    But gosh it’s hard. I completely understand. Also, what you said about content is 100% true. Make every single post a masterpiece – or at least as close to it as you can.

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    1. I’m going through a hard time myself so I completely understand what’s you’re saying, sometimes you feel like you just want to give up but that’s when you have to stand up and try your best.


  4. Great post! Very honest, that’s always a winner in my book. I almost threw the towel in a couple of weeks ago and now I’ve had my first paid post, another one coming up shortly AND I’m now trying to crack the YouTube world and have recently joined The Dad Network. Just shows what a little determination can do! Really enjoyed reading this 🙂

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  5. Hey,
    As always great post. I thought it was really good advice as far as also contacting brands yourself as well. I honestly never thought of that and have been nervous as to asking to see if anyone wanted to collab with my my blog. I often times feel like my blog isn’t up to standards yet and get a bit discouraged. So I can understand when you say you think of closing it.
    Great post! And congrats on your brands!!

    Andrea Othela

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you can relate, sometimes I think I’m the only one who feels this way.
      I suggest you contacting the brands you’re interested in, that way you will also show dedication, seriousness and that you really care about UT and their brand!
      This is the topic of the first email of my newsletter!
      Thanks for the comment, kind as always 😙

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