Magna Carta Bracelet Review

You know very well by now that I’m all about meaningful bracelets and that since I got my Divinity LA babes I’m pretty much obsessed; so when the lovely people at Magna Carta sent me this beautiful piece of jewelry I was thrilled.

I got the chance to choose the bracelet and when I saw this I instantly fell in love.


This bracelet it’s called, and it represents, BALANCE; something I’m always seeking and that it’s very important to me.

This is how the website describes it:

The Balance bracelet is made up of sodalite.  Also known as the Poet’s stone, this gemstone’s physical appearance is various shades of blue along with some white coloration.  Sodalite helps promote intuition, efficiency in communication, focus and rationality

*All bracelets are handmade and bound together by a red cord emblematic of protection to the wearer.

As I said, and as you can see, the meaning of this bracelet is profound and important, and for me that’s always a plus.
The values and principles it stands for are really close to me; as an university student focus and efficiency are something I always need, and as an aspiring adult rationality and intuition are really important too.

Other than that I loved the colors of the bracelet and all the different shades, that fit very well all together.


The package arrived a bit bruised on one side but it’s the risk of buying/receiving a product from a far away country.
What I particularly like is that it comes with a little bag where you can storage your bracelet, so it won’t get ruined or lost – it’s very hard not to see a bright red bad.

Some little things that Magna Carta could improve:
– There isn’t a very wide choice of bracelets, although they are all beautiful and unique; if you are a bit picky or prefer a different genre, you might not find something perfect for you.
This is totally understandable if we take into consideration that it’s not a very big brand an that they produce very refined bracelets.
– Another little problem is the size. The minimum size they offer is 7″, which corresponds to circa 6.5 cm, and it’s a bit large for my wrist.

As you can see these two aspects are of minor importance and the perks of this brand are actually so many that you only can end up falling in love with their pieces.

With that said I’m really happy with my bracelet and really satisfied with the resistance of the elastic, the pearls and their colors and shades.


I think Magna Carta bracelet are very elegant but can be styled in a lot of different ways so they can be perfect for a casual look too.
And if you pair them together or with other bracelets, like I do, the final effect is absolutely stunning.


I highly suggest you taking a peek to their website and get one of the bracelets – warning: their addicting and you’ll never have enough.

So now tell me: what do you think about it? Do you like it? Tell me in the comment!


Disclaimer: The mentioned products have been sent to me freely by the reference so that I could make an objective evaluation and declare my honest opinion, not influenced in any way by having received the products in question.


7 thoughts on “Magna Carta Bracelet Review

    1. The colors are fantastic right? I have the DinkiBelle nail wraps on, absolutely loving them and the review is coming soon x Thanks for the comment! 🙂


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