How to: Beach Wedding

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Would you like to have a beach wedding? How would you organize it?

Beach wedding is synonymous to a romantic wedding and not only it is becoming increasingly popular because of its amazing backdrop for the wedding photos, it is also sought out for because of its convenience. Everything at a beach wedding seem relaxed, casual and lightweight, so there is no need to concern too much about the dresses, the suits and even the venue itself – the sea and the sand will do all the work for you. Still, the question remains – how will the bride, and all the other ladies, decide on their outfits and put on their makeup without looking nor overdressed neither under-dressed? Here are some hints on how to achieve that.

Neutral Is Natural

When planning a wedding, the first thing that is on the checklist is the color palette. It would be strange for a beach wedding to have a bright color palette. After all, when we imagine a beach, the first colors that cross our mind are blue and white and neutrals: white, beige, champagne, sand, etc. It is obvious then, that these are the shades that would fit in the most naturally in the overall wedding décor and the soothing atmosphere of the waves hitting or caressing the coast.

The Flowing Silhouette

Photo credit: 王韋証 via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND | 王韋証 via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

The wedding dress and most of the dresses at the wedding would look far more enchanting if they were following the amazing silhouette of the female body. Here, the Disney-inspired wedding dresses are not welcome because they would look weird and they would be uncomfortable. Best dress for a beach wedding is the one that follows the woman’s body shape will allow her freedom to move around on the sand, while looking mesmerizing.

The Enchanting Fabrics

To be able to actually fall down the woman’s body the (wedding) dress must be made of natural and lightweight fabrics, such as cotton, silk, chiffon, etc. Besides the amazing look, these fabrics are perfect for regulating the temperature, so you can enjoy your wedding without breaking a sweat (literally).

The Face of Delight

Photo credit: Xtream_i via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC | Alba Soler Photography via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

A beach wedding is all about natural looking face and it is impossible to achieve that if you are using all the unnatural heavy-on-skin makeup products. Mineral formulas will, on the other hand, make your skin smoother and younger without burdening it with toxic and unnatural ingredients. Brands such as Youngblood makeup can be very efficient when you are trying to achieve the minimalist, yet gorgeous look. To get the perfect makeup you will need: a primer, a foundation, lipstick, a blush, a mascara, and a brow shadow. These few items can accentuate your natural beauty perfectly.

Lovely Hair, Don’t Care

Do not worry, we did not forget about your precious hair. Well, a beach wedding is not the occasion when elegant buns and perfect curls are a possibility. Instead, think hippie thoughts and decide for the summer boho hairstyles with some wild flowers in your hair. Nothing can beat that. If you are using flowers as hair accessories, opt for the fresh flowers. Wearing fresh flowers in your hair can be complicated, so consult your florist and hairstylist to choose some resilient flowers and to decide how you will wear it (half-up hair, floral wreath on top of casual beach waves, etc.)

The Details that Complete the Picture

Photo credit: Bellafaye Garden via Visualhunt / CC BY | Bellafaye Garden via Visualhunt / CC BY Bert Palmer via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND

In the end, you will need some lovely accessories to complete the whole picture. That can be anything ranging from jewelry to colorful shoes. A romantic floppy sunhat would, for instance, go perfectly with the romantic French Riviera-inspired ceremony, while a necklace made of seashells would be a better option for a Caribbean venue. If you are getting married somewhere in French Polynesia, do not forget to flaunt your black pearls necklace.

A beach wedding is the ultimate romantic event, and it deserves all the care in the world to be organized perfectly. However, you should not overdress for the occasion, since it is also the casual I-want-to-walk-barefoot venue. Good luck and congratulations.


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