What’s in my makeup bag?

Lately on my Twitter feed I’ve been seeing a lot of these kind of “How much is my face worth?”, “My makeup essentials”; so I thought I  would tell you about my most used makeup products too.


You should know that I don’t use a lot of makeup in my daily life, most of all because waking up early to go to university I don’t really have time – or any energy – to so anything more complicated that BB cream, bronzer, mascara and if I feel inspired, a wing of eyeliner.

But when there’s a special occasion I like to experiment more and I concentrate especially on the eyes.

With that said, let’s get into my essentials:

These are not all of my makeup – even though I don’t use many I love them and always want more products – so I decided to show you the ones I use the most.


I have three main brushes: one for blush (the little one), one for the bronzer (the black one from Pupa) and one for translucent powder (that’s from Avon).

As I said I use BB cream and not foundation, my favorite is by Garnier and it give color to my face without being cakey, greasy or heavy on the skin.

My KIKO blush is of a fabulous coral color, which is perfect for my olive/bronzed skin.

For the eyes I often use my Easy On The Eye palette by Seventeen (Read my review about it on Seventeen By The Sunset). It has beautiful earth and warm colors, which are perfect for an everyday use, also thanks to all the different textures and colors you can create a lot of different looks.


Some of my favorite products are: the Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Touch concealer and highlighting, which I absolutely love; my Nars Cosmetics lip gloss, that is in a nude color, moisturizing and perfect; and my KIKO mascara, which I have to thank for my beautiful lashes, that without it would be pretty much invisible.

Other than that in my makeup there are also my Nars Cosmetics stick eye shadow, which sometimes I use only on the inner corner of my eyes to give them some light and make me look awake when I’m actually falling into coma.

I always keep in my makeup bag some bobby pins for my crazy curls and a perfume; the one in the photo is from Sephora and it smell like Coconut – yes, I use it because it makes me feel like I’m on the beach and instead I’m closed in my room studying.


Here are some swatches for y’all:

Don’t think I forgot to tell you about my Seventeen liquid eyeliner, I did not.

I just wanted to show you first how deeply black it is.

I have to say that it is one of my favorite Seventeen products because it lasts all day long, it’s easy to apply and it looks fantastic.

Another thing to notice? My nail obvs. But there will be a review about them on my blog soon, so keep your eyes opened for it.

That’s all for today! Now tell me what your makeup essentials are in the comments.

Which products do you love and use the most?

Here’s what the people of Twitter answered when I asked them the same question:

“What is your makeup essential-”


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