Dinki Belle Nail Wraps Review

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Let’s be real for a moment: doing the manicure, waiting for the nail polish to dry, then the next day it chips and after 4 days you have to do it again; who has all this patience and time to care this much about their nail?

When I was in high school and didn’t have full busy days I was more than happy to take care of my nails and to the most creative an crazy nail art; but now that I’m in university I don’t have all that time to waste and I want something beautiful yet fast and durable.

You may think: “You’re dreaming girl” and believe me, I thought that too. Until the Dinki Belle nail wraps arrived into my life.

Dinki Belle is a small bran based in England that produces nail wraps with unique and beautiful designs – the designs are detailed, colorful and perfect for every taste.

To prep my nails I took off my nail polish and filed them nicely.


The application part was a bit difficult at first because the sizes of the wraps are various and you have to find the perfect one for each one of your nails and then file way the excess.
After a couple of fails I managed to to both my hands perfectly and the result was amazing.
I warn you: you won’t use all of the wraps so with those left you can be creative and do another mani with other nail polishes – which I intend to do.

I chose the “Pastel Princess” design and this is the result:

On the package it’s written that they last up to 14 days and I had them on for 15 days and you can see how they were on the last day (yesterday) in the photo below).

After 15 days I have to say that they were still pretty, not at their best, because my nail grew and they ruined with time and with everything I did in those days.

What I loved the most? Everyone asked me about my nail art and told me the nicest compliments about them.

Here are my nails without anything, with the nail wraps and after two weeks:

Pretty amazing, isn’t it? I really love the colors with all its pink and light blue shades and the geometric design; they’re really perfect for spring and summer time.

After some time they started to consume themselves at the very top of the nail, but I have to say that to test them well I did everything: I painted, cleaned the house, went to the university and took notes, cooked, showered etc.
So I’d say they have an excellent resistance.

Here are some tips for you if you want to apply nicely nail wraps:

  • Remove any nail polish
  • Buff your nails lightly
  • Do not stick the nail wraps to your cuticles
  • Remove the excess by filing downwards the nail wraps
  • Apply a top coat on the nail wraps to give them a glossy finish and make them last longer
  • To remove them simply peel them off gently or help yourself with a bit of nail polish remover.

A few things I wasn’t a fan of:

  • After applying the top coat some little – you can’t even see them – bubbles formed on the nail wraps. Now I don’t know if the fault is of my nail polish – very probable – or the wraps but I bothered me.
  • There should be a wider choice of nail wraps on the website; but I know this isn’t a big brand and their wraps are of really good quality, and I know that in the future there will be new, pretty designs, so I don’t worry about that  – better less but of better quality than a lot of crappy items right?

Other than that the nail wraps were perfect, truly beautiful and I will buy more for sure.

So now tell me: what do you think about them? Have you ever tried them? Or will you now? Tell me in the comments!


Disclaimer: The mentioned products have been sent to me freely by the reference so that I could make an objective evaluation and declare my honest opinion, not influenced in any way by having received the products in question.


7 thoughts on “Dinki Belle Nail Wraps Review

    1. And they look amazing right? The thing I like the most is that they’re easy and fast to apply and I don’t have to worry too much about them.
      Thank for the comment 🙂

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