Boho Chic Outfit Of The Day

I’ve only one a post like this once before,probably because I don’t like be the “model” but since blogging is helping me with my confidence problems, I thought it would be a good challenge for myself.

So here it is my outfit of the day:

As you can see my outfit is very simple and perfect for spring.
I’m wearing a Pull & Bear kimono with a beautiful blue and white decorations; a white flowing shirt from Zara with some macrame details an some blue skinny jeans by Hollywood Trading Company.

I bought the kimono last year when I as shopping with my mom and I love it so much, it’s comfortable, pretty and easy to combine with other clothes.

The shirt can be styled both in an casual and elegant way – and you can eat as much you want because it will hide your belly (that’s one of the many reasons I like it this much).

I love this outfit and I would wear it everyday: it’s comfortable, cute, simple and perfect for many occasions; but what I like the most are all the little details and accessories, which I will show you more up close:

You all already know my Divinity LA and Magna Carta bracelets, the newbies are these pieces I got from Corbico Jewellery.

You may have never heard of this brand before, it’s small but it’s definitely worth checking out, they make a lot of beautiful things, like my new favorite bracelets and rings.

I love supporting small entrepreneurs women and Nuria is no different; and when I saw their range of bracelets with inspirational quotes I couldn’t help it and fell in love with them- you know me and my passion for meaningful jewels – so I absolutely had to be friends with her!

I chose the bracelet with “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul” written on it.
I’ll leave to you the interpretation, since it can be different for us all; but that’s the beauty of it after all, isn’t it?
The bracelet is also resistant, shiny and the letters are carved just perfectly.

The rings were a real bargain, they’re not the most refined and elegant rings you can find, but that’s not what I wanted anyway.

My whole look is boho-chic and I wanted my jewels to fit the outfit as well, so all the bracelets, which are very youthful, colorful and simple; and the rings, which are silver color, which a bit of turquoise; are simply perfect. They complete the look and add value to it.

Here are all the rings – which cost only £2.99!

Last piece I added to my outfit is my Guess clutch, which easily and usefully turns into a shoulder bag. It’s black & white with a gold color chain, and this makes it so simple to wear, I can combine it with anything.

 This is my go-to outfit for spring, what is yours? What are your essential pieces? What do you think about mine?



18 thoughts on “Boho Chic Outfit Of The Day

  1. Ahh I love your whole outfit! And you’re super pretty. Hopefully through doing posts like this, it helps with your confidence. 😊

    I love love your kimono and I dress in a boho chic way a lot. Rings are probably my favorite accessory and that’s a great deal for as many as you got.

    Also your coach clutch is classic and I love it!

    I look forward to new posts from you. 🙂 You have a new fan.



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  2. A few things, first I found you from the Blog Share & Support Facebook group 😀 I love your style and the brand does seem interesting enough for me to check it out!! I’m so excited I discovered you! ♡

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  3. I love your outfit! That kimono is so pretty might have to have a look online ad as is the top from Zara. I love simple outfits that pull together really well. Your jewellery pieces are super cute and I’ve heard of them a lot lately, but didn’t realise it was only £2.99 for the set of rings!!!…. *runs off to do some online shopping*

    Love Hannah xx

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