What’s In My Travel Bag

In these days I’ve been planning my vacation and I thought it would be a nice idea to show you what I’ll bring with me and how I choose where to go.

I also created a check list for you so if you make it to the end you’ll get my fab freebie!

For some pieces of advice on how to organize your holiday read my post “Dreaming about the Spring break”, where I’ve shared essentials and tips on whee to go all over the world.

As you can see I’ll bring with me a big bag which can fit all kinds of things and can also be transformed to a shoulder bag, which is my to-go piece when I’m in vacation because it’s comfortable, easier to carry around and safer.

The main things I bring with me are:
In my little bag that I bought from Tiger I keep a few makeup products – Garnier BB cream, KIKO mascara and Nars nude lip gloss; my sunglasses and some toothbrush shields.


20160613_113814My new sunglasses are from Cheap Ass Sunglasses an they are the model “Savage Artists”.

How pretty are they?
I love these sunglasses because they are super inexpensive and super beautiful.
They only cost €8.95 and their UV
protection is certified .20160613_115647

When I go on holiday I want my toothbrush to be protected and hygienic.

These shields by Intellident are perfect for travelling: they are disposable and effective up to 7 days; they are a barrier to bacteria, microbes and germs.

When travelling I don’t want my toothbrush to get all filthy and dirty – after all you never know how well cleaned is the hotel room or the bathroom of the apartment you rented – so I use these shields to protect it.
Did you that the toilet can contaminate within a six-foot radius? I didn’t. Think about your children’s toothbrushes. Now go and buy them!


In my bag I also have a magazine – the travel size of Elle is absolutely perfect; a guide or map of the city I’m going to visit and a notebook where I can write notes, thoughts and maybe keep a journal of the trip.


The most important thing to always take with you is a water bottle.
You must stay hydrate, especially if it’s really sunny and hot outside.

Then I like to have my aloe vera gel with me, it is perfect to keep your skin flawless, healthy and free from irritations and cure it after sun burns.

Other than these two things I must have my deodorant with me – who wants to smell bad? Nobody.

Another must have is a pocket phone charger. It is my life savior and I’m sure it’s yours too.

Now let’s talk about the planning and organizing part: to choose my destinations I start by setting a budget and depending on that I search different cities.
This year my budget isn’t very high so I have to stay in my country and I won’t be able to travel abroad; but that’s not a problem for me because there are so many beautiful cities in Italy.

I want to go the beach but also be able to go to some museums and see some culture; so I’ll go to a medium size city near the sea.
Not all the sea is really great here in Italy and in order to find beautiful beaches you have to choose a location in the South of Italy or close by.

Do you see the process here?


I then do some lists for every city I picked, taking into consideration the way I’ll get there (train or plane) and how much it will cost, the see I can see and do there and the hotels or apartments I could rent.

Based on those pieces of information I then decide my final destination.

Congrats, you’ve made it to the end of the post! So here for you a little freebie: a checklist for your holidays.

Download it here: Travel Checklist!

What do you carry in your bag when you’re travelling? Where are you going this summer? Tell me in the comments!



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