Staying fit and healthy during Summer

I’m a lazy person, that’s the truth. I don’t like waking up early in the morning, exercising and everything related to it; but I’m forcing myself into creating a sort of routine to stay fit and healthy.

I do nothing special but every effort counts, right?


First of all, I try to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.
They’re always important but during the summer a nice and fresh fruit salad provides you lots of vitamins, natural sugar and refreshes you in the hot days.

I like to prepare myself a big salad with corn, cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, beans and green olives; it’s perfect for lunch.

In alternative I grill some zucchini and put them on a piece of flatbread with stracchino (a low fat, delicious cheese), cherry tomatoes and a few basil leaves.

I try to eat some fish as well. It’s healthy, low fat and you have a lot of choice in terms of both types and recipes.

I think it’s also very important to use fresh and natural ingredients. I’d like to cultivate my own veggies and fruits but I don’t have a garden so I just grow my spices like basil, sage and rosemary and I go to the farmers’s market to buy all the fresh food.


As I said I’m pretty lazy but I try my best to move and work out a little.


What I like to do is going walking and jogging. I really like it because in this way I go out of my house, I’m among the nature, free of concerns and problems.

This also helps me with my asthma because it allows me to exercise my breath and control it better.


My outfit is very simple: I wear some shorts and a tank top that I bought from Kiabi. I then have my New Balance shoes and my Cheap Ass Sunglasses, so no one will notice i’m not wearing any makeup.

Hydration is super important so be sure to bring with you a water bottle and you can spice it up by putting inside the bottle some slices of lime, orange, strawberries and blueberries, this way your water will be delicious and Instagram worthy.

Something else you should do is wearing sunscreen to protect you’re skin.

When I get back home I do some stretching and then I drink a lot of lemonade, which is perfect to burn fat and refresh yourself.


Every night before going to bed I do my daily squats.
Not a long time ago I decided to start the 30 days squat challenge and I’m tracking it on my bullet journal.
Every day I have a certain amount of squats I have to do and if you want to start it too, it’s very simple: you can download one of the many apps on your phone.

Other than these simple things I use the Pump Up app, where you can create a personalized workout, track every meal and exercise you do and share them with a wide and supportive community.
I can assure you that joining Pump Up will not only give you helpful tips but also motivate you.


I find inspiration and motivation in magazines too. Every time that I find an insert that talks about fitness, health and workouts I rip out the page and keep it or hang it on my wall in my bedroom to motivate me or to guide me through the exercises.


Something that keeps me going while working out is music.

Listening to sassy badassy songs really pushes me into giving my best and makes everything more fun and easier to bear.

Here are my top 5 songs:

Here’s my fitness routine! What’s yours? What are your favorite healthy recipes and exercises? Tell me in the comments!



25 thoughts on “Staying fit and healthy during Summer

    1. I’m Italian so pizza and pasta are basically in my blood ahah I have the same problem as yours of the cheat meals but I try my best and improve every day and I think that’s the important thing 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess that going out and staying among nature with the sun shining on you is a bit better than going out to exercise under the rain ahah Completely agree!


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