My Skin Care Routine & Frezy Derm Review!

I’m a lucky girl, well actually bad luck follows me everywhere but at least I have a great skin, that’s the only reason I consider myself lucky.

I’ve never suffered from acne and I rarely get pimples so I’ve never used a lot of products, this is why my skin care routine isn’t complex or includes a lot of products.


Let’s notice my little beautiful new plants for a moment, I had to include them in the shots!

As you can see there are only 8 products and I alternate them; I don’t use every item on a daily basis but about once a week.

I have an allergy to certain chemical elements that you can find in cosmetics so I have to be careful and use high quality, natural products.
Finding something appropriate for my skin is really hard so when I find the perfect product I never let go and keep using them for a long time.



I’ve talked before about these two little handmade, totally natural, British beauties in my review about them; they are from Indie Botanicals and I absolutely love them.

I use the cleansing balm more often than any other product and it’s perfect to take my make up off, it leaves my face feeling fresh, clean and fantastic.
I use it especially for my eyes and I’ve found out that since I’ve been applying it on my lids, my eye lashes have grown and I couldn’t be more happy about this.

With the exfoliating grains I create my face mask – as you can see in my review – and I do it once a month; I mix the grains with a bit of the balm and a bit of water, then you can also add some natural oils if you want to, I let the mask dry and then I remove it with a cloth rubbing in circular motions and in this way I eliminate the dead skin cells and scrub my face; it is absolutely amazing and my skin is so pure and smooth after using it.


These came into the mail last week and I was so thrilled to try them out.*

They are a a moisturizing face cream and a sun screen lotion by Frezy Derm.

The face cream deeply hydrates your skin, can be used a primer to apply before your make up, protects you from UV rays and has an anti aging effect too.
The first time I’ve used it I was gladly surprised by its texture: sometimes this kind of products tend to be heavy and greasy on the skin and I certainly don’t like my face to be all oily, but this Frezy Derm cream is thin and absorbs instantly.

The sun screen lotion is even better: it’s so light and it leaves no trace, it resists under water and protects your skin fro discoloration cause by sun exposure; you can even apply makeup on it!

I always get my nose sun burnt during summer and it really annoys me but I always avoid using sun screen because they’re white, thick and greasy and they vanish when I go swimming; but this time I’ll have no skin peeling off my nose!

These products are truly amazing and it surprises me that I’ve never heard about them before; but no that I’ve discovered them I’ll never go back, I’ll take them with me to my vacation in August and use them every day.
I seriously recommend them to you all, try them and then let me know what you think about them!



If I use anything with alcohol, perfume or any other chemical ingredient on my kegs and arms a lot of red bubbles will start forming on them and believe me, it’s annoying, itchy and I can’t wear shorts or skirts.

This is why I bought this Aloe Vera Gel from Dr. Organic, it’s a true life savior for me and I couldn’t live without it.
It has a restoring, soothing, moisturizing effect and it’s really light, easily applicable and it doesn’t smell gross.

It hydrates the skin and it cures it naturally in case of irritation.


This Sephora hand cream was a gift from my cousin and when I smelled it for the first time I thought I smelled heaven.
It has a fantastic coconut scent and it’s really moisturizing.


I have another hand cream and this is from Elixir 79.

This lotion is so good that I don’t use it only for my hands but sometimes for my face too.


So this is my skin care routine, what products do you use? Have you tried any of mine? Tell me in the comments!


Disclaimer: The mentioned products have been sent to me freely by the reference so that I could make an objective evaluation and declare my honest opinion, not influenced in any way by having received the products in question.


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    1. I’m glad you think so because I don’t really like my photos ahah
      Thanks for reading and if you try any of these products tell me what you think 🙂


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