My New Blogger’s Planner!

At this point I assume you already know about my passion and love for my Bullet Journal and that I got it from Toad Diaries; and they were so kind to send me their brand new product: a blogger’s planner!

I was very excited to try it and see how it was and I have to say that I had to hold myself not to fill it all and finish it right away.


Let’s start with the aesthetic: the planner is really thin, with a spiral bound and a semi-hard transparent cover. The design is pretty and simple, black with some white marble effect; I especially like the quote “I blog therefore I am”, it’s perfect for a blogger and the font it one of my favorites.

This time I didn’t get to choose the design and customize it but I’m really happy with it and I think it’s absolutely lovely.

As for my bullet journal I don’t use anything fancy to write on this diary, just a pen with a 0.07 mm point and my Pentel pen brush if I want to use some watercolors.


On the first pages there are the classic “information” page, where you fill every space with your name, address etc and then on the other two there are the instructions to create an origami toad – such a great idea!

As you can see I added a space to keep track of my blog statistics and the dotted page is perfect to create graphics and tables.

Adding a page like this didn’t bother me but as a blogger it’s kind of obvious that I want to record such thing, so I think that maybe they could already add a generic table that then each blogger would personalize.
Another thing that I noticed is that there isn’t a space dedicated to the blog itself, a good idea could be adding a page just like the first one, but for the blog; where there would be the space to write the blog url, the password, the yearly cost of the domain, the names of the writers, and every other structural and computer elements that are part of a blog.

At first the thinness of the planner worried me a bit because I thought there weren’t enough pages but I was very surprised to see that I was wrong.


There are a lot of pages with a goal plan on the left and a dotted page on the right.
I think this is brilliant because it’s the perfect way to plan anything.
You have the date and day of the week at the top and going down you find the space where to write your goal, the deadline, the reward you’re going to get – because let’s be real, we deserve a reward after all the hard work we do for our blogs! – and then you have a long to-do list.
On the dotted page right next to this one you can take notes, create graphics, doodle or basically do whatever you want.

After all this pages there are a few blank ones.


On the first blank page I did a tracker for every platform that matters the most to me: I want to keep track of my followers on the blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Bloglovin’ and know whenever I hit a milestone.
I really like how this page turned out!


After the blank pages you find the green, lined ones. I LOVE the color. It’s a light green and it makes the pages well distinguishable from the others.
Here I write all my tips and tricks about how to promote and advertise my posts, how to get more engagement etc..

These are the last pages of the planner.. Well, not really, there is the final one, a blank, plasticized, white page with one curious particular.

A pocket perfect for your business cards! If you ask me, this is a ingenious thing; you’ll have your cards always with you and if you go to a meeting or blogging event not only you’ll receive compliments about your fabulous planner, but you’ll also distribute your business cards to the participants.

I love card that comes with the planner. If you know me you’ll know that I love quotes and this one is one of my favorites: “It’s never too late to be what you always might have been” – George Eliot.

Overall this blogger’s planner is definitely worth buying; it’s pretty, functional, useful and handy.

Do you have a blogger’s planner? How did you customize yours? Tell me in the comments!


Disclaimer: The mentioned products have been sent to me freely by the reference so that I could make an objective evaluation and declare my honest opinion, not influenced in any way by having received the products in question.


15 thoughts on “My New Blogger’s Planner!

  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous! I could really do with a proper blog planner at one point, especially after I return to work 🙂


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