Everything 5 Pounds Look Book

When Everything 5 Pounds contacted me I had a vague idea of what brand it was and I was a bit skeptical.
In one of my guest posts for Shoes By Shaherazad I wrote about how much quality is important to me and that I prefer it over a good and cheap price.

This is why I was so eager to try out some of them clothing pieces and see if it was possible to have both of these good sides.
When I was ordering the clothes I thought about all the different outfits and looks I could create and what I would actually continue to wear after this post, so that’s when the idea of a look book came to me.



This playsuit was one of the first things I was sure I wanted.

It is perfect for summer and I love the earth and warm colors of it; it has a cutout on the back and it very fresh and comfortable.

The fabric is polyester so it is synthetic, not the best quality fabric ever but it has its pros: it’s hard to ruin, it dries fast after you wash it, you don’t have to iron it and it’s basically always good to go.
Ironically I can’t even imagine this playsuit being made of anything else; nothing would be as light and comfortable as polyester, so 5 stars for this item!


This big shirt dress is a bit too heavy for the summer but I know I will use it way too many times in the Autumn.

It’s original and unique, other that comfortable and beautiful. As you can see it has a check fantasy in the colors of blue, grey and white, which pair up perfectly.

The fabric in this case is viscose, that’s why it is not the best choice for a hot Summer day.


This look is composed by two different E5P pieces: the floral crop top and the high waist trousers.

The light peach of the top fits perfectly with the beige of the trousers and I couldn’t love this outfit more.

The top is made of polyester once again and the pants of rayon; a kind of fabric that I didn’t know before but I can tell that it’s soft, comfortable and it doesn’t get a lot of wrinkles.


What does get a lot of wrinkles as soon as you sit down or throw it on a chair – everybody does that, come on – is this jumpsuit.

It is denim colored but not made of actual denim, it is in fact 30% cotton and 70% polyester, which is a combination that can be summarized in the word: wrinkles.
It has two cutouts on the hips and wide legs.

I think it can be both elegant and casual, depending on how you style it; it’s comfortable like every other piece I’ve chosen and I really like it, I think I could wear it to go to the university or to a night out with my friends.


If you’ve paid enough attention, you’ve seen that with every outfit I’ve paired the same sandals.

Thy’re beige an I’m not sure how to describe this design but I surely love it, it goes with absolutely everything thanks to their neutral color and for a pop of color just add a fun nail polish like I did!

Here are some close-ups to let you see all the details of the different designs and items:

The verdict:

Everything 5 Pounds is an online shop that sells every item – clothes, shoes, accessories – at £5.

But is it really worth it? Is something so cheap also of bad quality?

No, I don’t think so. Obviously you can’t expect a pair of Louboutin and a Chanel dress but I’m quite surprised and pleased with the items I received.

The fabric isn’t the best and only with time I’ll see if it will last and it won’t ruin but it’s comfortable, fresh, light and easy to deal with.

The pieces fit very well, which I was actually worried about because you never know how they will look on you buying them on the internet – and with foreign sizes I might add – but fortunately I was lucky and everything’s perfect.

It is absolutely worth it.
I’m the living proof that you don’t have to spend all your money to dress well and be fashionable.

Have you ever tried Everything 5 Pounds? What did you buy and what’s your verdict? Let me know in the comments!


Disclaimer: The mentioned products have been sent to me freely by the reference so that I could make an objective evaluation and declare my honest opinion, not influenced in any way by having received the products in question.


33 thoughts on “Everything 5 Pounds Look Book

  1. Great blog post. The big top looked so nice haha might try this out because I dont like spending loads on clothes that I will only wear a couple of times before I buy some more haha. X


  2. Oh, I always have the hardest time shopping online and keep second guessing my size and whether the item will actually look good on. You’ve done an amazing job and I love the fit of everything. Quality wise, I’m not quite sure, but yeah, you do get what you pay for right? Love the sandals!

    Mimi | According to Mimi

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paying 5 Pounds you can’t expect the best quality ever but it’s not bad, I was surprised because everything pretty, they fit well and they’re comfortable
      So I’d day it’s good quality after all 🙂


  3. I was lucky enough for everything5pounds to contact me as well, and it’s been such a great collaboration! They really surprised me with their quality too! My blog post about their clothing is going up this weekend! Really like the things you picked out, especially the jumpsuit and the sandals! I’ll definitely be shopping with them again in future!

    Abbey ✨ http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Obviously the quality isn’t the best but it’s not bad either, I’ve worn the different outfits again after the photo shoot and will definitely wear them again in the future because they’re beautiful and comfortable, so I totally recommend them 🙂


  4. When I first read the title I though you meant weight…. But you were talking about money. I love the romper/playsuit, looks comfy and stylish and I love the floral crop top. I’m all for surfing the clearance isle to find a good deal. My recent findings were these two floral tops that were way underpriced (my luck). Had to have them. Little treasures. Thank you for posting. It’s so true, stylish fashion doesn’t always have to be expensive.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks for sharing, like you, I am always a bit skeptical from buying from an online store due to the sizing. But from what you have said this brand seems to be quite true to sizing.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’ve used it once a long time ago and was pleasantly surprised that the items were good, however I’m still dubious because you never know it could have been a fluke.

    Great lookbook, everything looked great on you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really like it too, it’s the main reason why I accepted to work with them! I don’t have much money to spend to try and look like those Instagram queens so this website is pure gold!


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