10 ways to express your creativity

It’s nothing new the fact that I pursue and encourage creativity in all its forms.

Being creative doesn’t require a lot of time and talent, and it brings a lot of perks: it relaxes you and keeps the brain trained, in fact even if it doesn’t involve math and logic, it keeps in good shape that creative and sentimental part (that’s the left or right part? I can never remember).

When I paint I find myself at peace, I forget all my problems and concerns and when I finish I have something I created and that’s very fulfilling;  you also feel proud of yourself because you created something putting effort and passion into it, and that’s always a great thing, no matter how good or bad the result is.

So I thought I’d share with you 10 easy ways to express your creativity.


We all do it sometimes on the borders of the notebooks but if you’d take some more time and a blank page you could create a mandala or just a beautiful design.


Lettering has become a trend now and developing a perfect font is many people’s aim. But those amazing Instagram videos of perfect watercolor quotes are the end of a long process and anyone can begin by simply writing down their favorite quotes and trying out different fonts.



Bricolage is very simple an fun, even though it can require some time. You simply have to go through your magazines and rip out/cut different parts of different colors and attach all of them together creating a design or pattern.

Coloring Book

Coloring books are not only for children, in fact they’ve become a trend in this period for their therapeutic effect. They keep you focus and concentrated and they’re a great activity to do with your children.

Spice up your diary or bullet journal

By now you should know how obsessed I am with my bullet journal and I how much I love decorating it. It’s simple and fun, you can use watercolors, colored pencils, stickers and magazine cutouts; this way you’ll express your creativity and stay organized at the same time.

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DIY Projects

How many times have you seen on Pinterest or Youtube a pretty DIY item and wished to reproduce it? Well, why can’t you? It’s a good way to keep you busy and you’ll develop a useful hobby, because you can create home décor pieces, gifts and all kind of objects and you’ll also learn how to repair things yourself, which is always very useful.


On the October issue of Elle I’ve read an interesting article: a woman decided to take part into different challenges every month and one of them was to write a short novel. Now I’m not telling you to start writing a book but letting the words flow and creating a article or story can be an awesome way to express your creativity and, if you write it in a foreign language, to exercise and get better at it.

Create a vision/dream board

Creating a vision board can be helpful to a lot of people. Looking and focusing on your goals in a visual way keeps you concentrated and motivated to reach them.
You can cut out images from magazines, doodle and write down your goals. You can create a big boards or dedicate a few pages to it in your diary.

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Take photos

Taking photos is not a crafty thing to do but it’s certainly a creative one, it allows you to look at things in a different perspective and search the little, beautiful things around you.

Paint or draw

This last way of expressing creativity could require some kind of talent but it can be fun to just try it out and see what you can create.
You can use so many tools – rounded brushes, squared ones, watercolors, acrylics, oil paint, stamps, pens.. – and get the inspiration all around you. You can paint and draw all kind of things and even copy a piece of art.
I can’t really find the words to explain to you what effect painting has on me, it’s kind of magical and as if I close myself into my little, perfect world.
To some happens when they read, to me when I paint.


How do you express your creativity? Do you use one of these techniques and will you try some more?

Here’s my set up in a closer look and all the details:


Bullet journal by Toad Diaries
Creative journal by Ikea
Elle magazine
Bardot radio by View Quest
Take away mug by Coin
Paper clips by Tiger
Bracelets by Magna Carta and Divinity LA
Brush pen by Pentel
Hand cream by Sephora
Perfumes by Guerlain and Givenchy

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  1. I love this post! Being creative is so important to me because it’s something that always makes me feel happy and fulfilled. I’ve kind of ignored my creative side as late and I can tell it has made a difference in my mood. These are some great ideas to get me back into some more creative projects!

    – Courtney

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lettering is quite hard, isn’t it? I struggle with it too sometimes, but I’m proud of my bullet journal too 🙂
      Thank you for reading and for your comment!


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