Learning a new language in a fun way

I’m very happy to be bringing to you a fun new post and one that I know many of you will appreciate.

In a world that is constantly developing and changing, confronting with new cultures is more than normal and that also implies learning new languages.
This can be hard and boring but I found a way for you to have fun and make it interesting.

For this post I’m collaborating with Flash Academy.
I first saw this company on Twitter and I’ve seen many people using their flash cards and post-its to learn new languages.

But there’s an even easier way to do so: just download their app! It’s available for both iOS and Android.


Check out Flash Academy’s website.

You know that I’m Italian and write everything in English in my blog and I also studied German and Spanish in high school so this is a quite important matter to me and I know people need an effective and efficient method but also one that is not boring and fast enough.
It’s a difficult combination to achieve but I think that Flash Academy is on the good way.

The services that their app offers are:

The courses are available in French, Spanish, Italian and German and there are some functions that work with other languages as well, for example I’ve tried Portuguese and, sadly, only the translation tool was clickable.

I do think that they should widen the range of available languages and insert more option, especially English.
Reading the reviews I’ve seen that a few people were wondering why there isn’t such choice and I do too.
A lot of people would like to learn English or stay exercised with it.

To download the courses you’ll obviously need internet but you can actually use the app offline so you won’t waste your GB and you can do it any time, for example I use it in my spare time and on the train in my way to the university.

You sign up for free and have access to some features but to have them all you have to subscribe to a premium account and to do so you can choose from a few options, which considering the services that it offers and comparing it to other online courses, isn’t very expensive.


I started testing out the app with the Spanish course.

Every course is divided first into levels of difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced; then every level has a different number of classes, which are about a specific range of topics, for example: Food & Drink (beginner level), Environment & Social Issues (intermediate) and Economics & Business (advanced).

For every topic there are exercises and flash cards.
What I’ve noticed is that there are not grammar explanations besides a few grammar tips every now and then and this is a big down side because grammar and rules are fundamental for every language and you cannot learn it fully until you know its basis; so I think that Flash Academy should implement this aspect with maybe a few flash cards about it for every level.

Now into the more interesting part: the interactive exercises.

One thing that I really appreciate is that all the exercises use visual and audio support, every Spanish word explained in the app is paired up with an image, its translation in English and the audio  with its pronunciation; in this way you’re sure you’re learning the language in the right way.

As you can see you’ll learn a vast vocabulary and how to use it in a everyday life.

That’s another thing I like about these courses: they focus on the practical aspect of the language, so how to actually use it; it’s not only theory.

Other than this you can exercise how much you want with fun games.

Another thing I appreciate is that every now and then, besides the grammar tips, there are also cultural inserts with interesting facts about the Country whose language you’re studying.

You’ll have a all-around.

I also have a special little thing for my readers:

Everyone from our community that subscribes to a Premium option will receive a free pack of FlashSticks. This can be a Beginner or Intermediate pack across any of the 6 languages.
You’ll receive an email after you subscribe with a code to redeem your freebie.

The FlashSticks are color coded post-it notes that you can attach to the objects they’re referred to; they also tell you the genre and number of the noun and its pronunciation.

Here’s the special link to the subscription.

I won’t say this is an innovative product because a lot of people try to develop and produce learning apps but not many succeed. Flash Academy is succeeding.

The fun and creative aspects make this app perfect for both adults and kids, so the whole family can learn something new together and did I mention that you can actually challenge your family members? Well, you can.

Try the app, even the free basic features and tell me if I’m wrong and what you think about it! Share your thoughts in the comments.


Disclaimer: The mentioned products have been sent to me for free by the brand or PR agency so that I could make an objective evaluation and declare my honest opinion, not influenced in any way by having received the products in question.
All opinions are my own, as usual.


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