Small Businesses To Stalk In 2017

I looove finding out new brands, especially the small ones because they produce unique and beautiful things and are run by lovely persons.

So today I’ve decided to present you some small businesses and you should really stalk them this year; like their pages, photos and purchase their products.

Artisans are like gemstones, precious and rare.
Support them and their work.


GIOVELAB is a small and racy laboratory in the middle of the woods in Trentino (Italy), where the collection of porcelain and gres tableware was born.

Small and imperfect but poetic, useful and cheerful things, to put on the table every day.

“I love the idea of imperfection, the Japanese concept of Wabisabi, the sweet irregularity of the shape.
The items I love the most are the coffee cups.. one cup, two cups… they are the metaphor of conviviality, hospitality, time for yourself, sweetness, peace. And I really like the small dishes, with which you can serve a chocolate or a muffin next to a coffee.”

Giorgia Brunelli works with her husband, an artisan who creates the Madera Collection, which is entirely made of their wood.

In 2015 they launched their lovely website, which you can visit at GioveLab.

Instagram: @giovelab
Facebook: Giovelab Favorite Things

ellie-ellie-logoELLIE ELLIE is an award winning British brand, offering unique gifts for one-of-a-kind people. They offer a range of jewelry, home ware and fashion, much of which can be personalised, to create unique, special presents for loved ones.

Proud their British heritage, Ellie Ellie design and make many of their products in their Sussex HQ, allowing them to create the special gift you’ve dreamed of, with love and skill.

Some of Ellie Ellie’s bestselling products are from their vintage map range, allowing the customer to choose a specific location which can be displayed in a pendant or on cufflinks, to remember a special place or time.

You can buy Ellie Ellie’s products on their online shop and they deliver worldwide.

Instagram: Ellie Ellie | Twitter: @ellieelliecouk | Facebook: Ellie Ellie 

Now a little interview of a quite special someone that creates unique and way-too-cute cards and pins.

What’s your name and the name of your brand?

PrintHello! My name is Desi and I’m from Sofia, Bulgaria.

I’m graduated Architect, but my biggest passions are fashion blogs, scandinavian design, animals (especially pugs), cinema and drawing. I like to create imaginary characters, so after a few sketches Flyingpugwithballoon was born!

How did you come up with this idea?

My designs are inspired by everything around me – pictures, movies, fashion, nature…The process of making cards starts with a little sketch, after that everything is precisely drawn and printed.

I love to draw and I wanted to start something that I love to do

The name “FlyingPugwithBalloon” comes, as you may guess, from pugs. I love them, they are so funny, like a cartoon, but unfortunately I don’t own one, so I decided to illustrate them…

What are your top selling products?

My shop is just starting and I’m a small business buy my top selling products for 2016 were the Christmas set cards with pugs; cards with pugs and pigeon badges…

Are you international or only in selected countries?

I sell worldwide.

Where can people find you?

They can find me at my Etsy Shop and follow me here:

Twitter: @dessienn4 | Instagram: @Dessienn | Pinterest: Dessienn

Shop FlyingPugWithBalloon top sellers:

Click on the image and make your fabulous purchase!

pug_card pug_pin

lady_card deer-card

logo-lavender-and-wolf“Lavender & Wolf was born in the early stages of 2015. What inspired me to start this new adventure is my passion for building a business that is relatable to the people who wear unique items.
We use a world class infrastructure for screen printing, DTG printing, and sublimation. It involves a special printer, which prints the ink directly onto the garment or mug in the desired design. DTG uses specialty inks, which are absorbed by the fibers of the garment. This allows high quality and colorful designs.Since real quality service and keeping up to date with customers is my #1 priority, I make sure to update the L&W Facebook account on the daily.”

“I believe the best human qualities such as kindness and respect can and should translate over in helping mediate quality products to customers.”

Etsy shop: LavenderAndWolf | Instagram: @lavenderandwolf | Facebook: Lavender And Wolf

*Y’all know how much I love tv series – and if you don’t know I’m very addicted to it, like seriously addicted – so Lavender And Wolf for life.*


One of my Twitter friends is the lovely Claire, she is truly inspirational and one of the most creative individuals I know, check her and her artworks out:

“Aloha! My name is Claire and I run a little illustration business based in the North West titled Aloha Lola Cards. I specialize in digital designs where I create banners, logos and buttons for both blogs and businesses. In addition, I also create cute caricatures and handmade cards for any special occasion!
My most popular product must be the customized digital headers I create. These are so much fun to design! Between the customer and myself we can create something truly imaginative and bespoke to the individual. I love bouncing off their ideas and bringing their vision to life.”

Website: | Twitter: @alohalolacards | Instagram: @alohalolacards

I’m so happy that I got to learn more about these little beautiful brands and collaborate with them on this post.
I really think that supporting artists and artisans is important to create unique and creative things.

Do you have other small businesses you’d like to present? Share them in the comments and tell me what you think of mine and if you’ve ever tries them.



13 thoughts on “Small Businesses To Stalk In 2017

  1. These are nice recommendations…it’s always nice to support people’s creativity….I don’t have a small business yet but I encourage friends by patronising them…


  2. Small businesses or brands are more genuine especially the one runs by those who believe their own creativity and ideas. It’s lovely of you to support new brands and at the same time allow us to get know them.


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