Share your photography love with Printiki

Long time no see (write to you), my loves!

Today I’m collaborating with a brand that I discovered not long ago and that offers a service that I couldn’t love more: they print your photos, in the format you like the most – quite a lot to chose from too – and they send right to your doorstep.

How many of you know or have purchased from Printiki?

I thought this would be a great opportunity to attach some new pics to my world map painting and maybe find some cool ways to use and arrange them.

I love taking photographs, not only because I have a crappy memory but also because I love to keep the memories most important to me and look at them when I feel sad to find a smile, remember some good times with wonderful people, breathtaking landscapes, monuments and cities.

This is why I was beyond happy to have the possibility to work with Printiki.

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