Share your photography love with Printiki

Long time no see (write to you), my loves!

Today I’m collaborating with a brand that I discovered not long ago and that offers a service that I couldn’t love more: they print your photos, in the format you like the most – quite a lot to chose from too – and they send right to your doorstep.

How many of you know or have purchased from Printiki?

I thought this would be a great opportunity to attach some new pics to my world map painting and maybe find some cool ways to use and arrange them.

I love taking photographs, not only because I have a crappy memory but also because I love to keep the memories most important to me and look at them when I feel sad to find a smile, remember some good times with wonderful people, breathtaking landscapes, monuments and cities.

This is why I was beyond happy to have the possibility to work with Printiki.

Printiki is very easy to use and offers multiple sizes for your photos. I decided to print 30 photos with a square|Polaroid format.

I’d love to own a Polaroid camera, I love the idea of capturing the moments and being able to write under the photos – that’s why I was thrilled to see how my photographs came out and to add a bit of text under them.

Side note #1: Use a Sharpie marker to write on your pics, attention to the mistakes! You make one, rub some alcohol on it to erase it and start over.

Let me tell you that 30 photos are a lot and I really didn’t know which ones to pick because I wanted them to be meaningful but also fun and pretty.

Since I have my world map painting hung on my bedroom’s wall, I decided to get the “travel pics” first: my journey to Brasil, Croatia and some of the old memories in Berlin, as well as the cities of Venice and Milan that are closer to me.

Check out how I did my world map painting!

When I painted my world map I aimed to keep track of all my travels, and although I haven’t got the possibilities of travelling much until now, I hope that in the future I will discover new places and cultures.

I used some regular scotch to attach the photos to the painting, but if you want them to stay there (on wood in general) you would have to use decoupage glue or pins.

30 photos are a lot, have I told you this? So I needed some other ideas for the rest of them.

The first is very simple and I arranged it with what I had at home: creating a poster putting together your favorite pics.

Side note #2: I think that for this arrangement all you would be to buy is an Ikea frame; how you can see I used one that I already had just to give you an idea of how it will turn out but it is not of the right size because the photos are a bit bigger than the frame, so you should first decide how you want to organize your photographs and measure the length of the composition so you will know exactly which size of frame to buy.

A more boho and loose way to do the exact same thing is to use a wood stick and simply attach the photos with some string.

Side note #3: Try to arrange the photos with a theme – yes, like the Instagram theme; it could be chronological, by color or by city – that way they’ll look better.

These are the ways I’ve chosen to display my pics, if you have any suggestion please tell me in the comments!

Let’s move to the review part: the Printiki system is very easy to use and it offers many options, you can also create posters and albums, my personal favorite is the story telling book, it’s such a cool idea and that will be my next purchase!

You can choose the finish of your photographs – matte or glossy – the size and you can add the text that will be printed out under the photo.

The quality is great and damn I’m always lucky with my collaborations because I love the photos, the delivery was quick they are perfect.


Disclaimer: The mentioned products have been sent to me for free by the brand or PR agency so that I could make an objective evaluation and declare my honest opinion, not influenced in any way by having received the products in question.
All opinions are my own, as usual.


14 thoughts on “Share your photography love with Printiki

    1. It’s a very great service, you should definitely check it out! Who doesn’t want to save their memories into pretty photos?
      (Yes, I’m really lucky and grateful to partner up with such amazing brands!)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Lovely post! That map of yours is absolutely gorgeous with all its colors and the photos are a great addition to it. I’ve created similar maps with computer sometimes but an actual painting would be super cool. Thanks for the idea and nice review!


  2. Great and honest review! This is a wonderful idea and thanks for sharing. 30 photos are really a lot!


  3. Oh, I love these type of pictures! I’ve been ordering them from Cheerz before but I’ve heard so much about Printiki lately that I think I’m going to give them a go 🙂


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