A Day Around Croatia – Travel Stories

Now that I got my wifi back – almost an year without it, I’d almost lost all my hope – I can finally share with you a lovely day I spent in Croatia, visiting beautiful towns and as always, eating delicious food.

You may remember that last year I went to Croatia, in the Pag isle exactly, for my Summer holidays and I had some wonderful moments visiting the different beaches and getting to know the local culture.


In April I got the chance to go back to Croatia and visit some other areas: Abbazia, Lovran, Moscenika Draga and Rijeka.


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Create The Soundtrack Of Your Life With SongFinch

How many of you have watched a movie and heard the soundtrack and wished you had it too, a piece of music to tell about yourself, your life and your feelings.
How many have listened to a song which fit perfectly to your emotions in that moment?


When Song Finch contacted me I thought it was the perfect opportunity to create that song. They asked me if I wanted to create one for my loved one or for Mother’s Day; but  I thought “Why choose ONE person?”

My life is made up of so many amazing people, family and friends, so why choose only one person when I can celebrate them all and life itself?

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