Create The Soundtrack Of Your Life With SongFinch

How many of you have watched a movie and heard the soundtrack and wished you had it too, a piece of music to tell about yourself, your life and your feelings.
How many have listened to a song which fit perfectly to your emotions in that moment?


When Song Finch contacted me I thought it was the perfect opportunity to create that song. They asked me if I wanted to create one for my loved one or for Mother’s Day; but  I thought “Why choose ONE person?”

My life is made up of so many amazing people, family and friends, so why choose only one person when I can celebrate them all and life itself?


The process to create a custom song is quite simple:

On Song Finch you are asked to first fill the blanks in the sentence:

I want to give myself a song for a life soundtrack, just like in the movies, that will make me cry, smile and remember.

Then you have to write a paragraph giving the details so the writer can create the perfect song for you. You can tell about how you met your loved one, a specific memory or like me, babbling about yourself and trying to make sense of your life and feelings.

Next thing to do is choosing the mood of the song, the singer (male or female) and the genre. You could also pick “surprise” for every category, it would be really interesting to see the outcome, but I’m a bit of a control freak so I chose: happy and reflective, female and indie pop – this last one worried me a bit because I do like indie pop but it’s not the genre I prefer, but I thought that it would fit well with the mood and meaning of the song.

After you finish the process your personal page will be created, where your story and song will be published.

I was a bit doubtful of the overall idea, although I found it beautiful and original I didn’t think that a stranger kilometers away from me could create something that would resonate so much to my heart.

I won’t hide to you that I was almost jumping around the house of excitement when I got the email that it was ready – in less than a week! – and when I heard it I got chills.
I think it’s a bit too sweetie and cutie, and I wanted it more strong and passionate, with ups and down, but I’m absolutely satisfied with the result.
This process in general has been truly great, it gave me the possibilities of putting my life into perspective and to think again about the good moments, as well about the bad ones, and just cherish and celebrate life itself and love at its purest form.

I was so happy to see that the songwriter actually used some of my words and sentences, I expected a more complex melody than just a piano base but it  is great anyway.

I won’t lie to you and say that this service is cheap, because it’s really not, creative your custom song costs $200, which isn’t exactly an affordable sum.

I will tell you though that it is worth it because you have an excellent quality product, which was handmade just for you – a songwriter wrote the melody and the words and a singer gave life to them, for you – and that it would be a perfect present for important occasions such as a wedding – creating the song of your first dance, priceless – for an anniversary or a special birthday.

Lucky for you Song Finch and its stuff were so kind to create a $20 discount code for my readers – so for you, my loves – just enter the code SAMANTHAFANS at the checkout.

Thank you to SongFinch and the sogwriter Katie Stump for this beautiful gift.

To listen to the song click here and then tell me what you think about it!



Here are the lyrics:

I’m a daughter
I’m a cousin
A new auntie
And I’m loving every bit of it
Every little bit of it
When I’m down my
World crumbles
When I’m up I’m
So joyful
Every little bit of it
Is part of me
Ooh and I’m living it
I don’t care what people say about me
Who I am is exactly who I wanna be 

This one’s for the ones I love
That always keep me standing tall
Ooh, ooh
This one’s for the storm in me
Making the best of every breath I breathe
Proud of every piece of pain
I’m a hurricane
Ooh, ooh 

My parents are my
True saviors
My little niece is a force of nature
Oh they’re everything to me
They make me who I wanna be
No matter what comes is my way I can beat it
I’ll rise up from the ashes like a phoenix


I’m a hurricane
I’ll make the most of this rollercoaster ride
Make the ones I love
The soundtrack of my life


Ooh, ooh I’m a hurricane
I’m a hurricane

Also, have you ever tried Song Finch and, would you? Tell me in the comments!


Disclaimer: The mentioned products have been sent to me for free by the brand or PR agency so that I could make an objective evaluation and declare my honest opinion, not influenced in any way by having received the products in question.
All opinions are my own, as usual.


17 thoughts on “Create The Soundtrack Of Your Life With SongFinch

  1. This is so cool. I think ti would be a great idea to add an extra personal touch to a wedding– having a custom song to dance to.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is so crazy! I would love to have a song that gets me 100%. I usually find myself in other songs, it’s the main reason why I would like them, but this is a whole new level! Speechless!


  3. I never heard of this before, interesting to know! Thanks!

    XO Miss Portmanteau |


  4. This is such a great way to create your own song! I’m not able to listen to the song might try via my phone. But such songs can be used for so many occasions and to dedicate it to the people in our life. Really great concept, thanks for sharing your experience.


  5. Omygod, this is seriously the best thing I have seen! I wanted to create something special for my mom, but this is what she’s going to get! love it!
    thanks for sharing!

    X, Alex


  6. I worked with Songfinch too and I think their service is incredible! Their artists are so talented. I loved your song SO MUCH it’s so beautiful – I hope you’re really happy with it. Mine was for my mum for Mother’s Day and was a funny / comical song so sounds VERY different from yours haha! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Thanks for sharing your experience with Songfinch, Samantha! I love how you’ve clearly laid out what you liked and what you felt like could be improved, I really respect you for being so honest and candid in your review! I think that something like this would make a fantastic gift, it’s something a little out of the ordinary that would be perfect for the person that otherwise has everything! Great post, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

    Abbey 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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