A Day Around Croatia – Travel Stories

Now that I got my wifi back – almost an year without it, I’d almost lost all my hope – I can finally share with you a lovely day I spent in Croatia, visiting beautiful towns and as always, eating delicious food.

You may remember that last year I went to Croatia, in the Pag isle exactly, for my Summer holidays and I had some wonderful moments visiting the different beaches and getting to know the local culture.


In April I got the chance to go back to Croatia and visit some other areas: Abbazia, Lovran, Moscenika Draga and Rijeka.



These are lovely little towns on the coast of the country. We left early in the morning and arrived there by 10:30. We were very lucky with the weather, it was sunny although quite windy and cold.

We walked along the sea, sit in a nice bar to have a beer and warm up under the sun. There are small rocky beaches where the water is lower so that the children can play, the bars are many and they all have a wonderful view on the sea and the port.
These towns are in fact not only crowded by tourists but also local fishermen.

One thing that I noticed visiting these cities and that really fascinated me are the architectural wonders that decorate their streets, the palaces are so colorful and so well-designed.


We had lunch in Moscenika Draga, at Bistro Plaza, a restaurant in front of the sea where we ate risotto with scampi and fried calamari, all paired up with white wine and pizza bread – sorry, I wanted to take photos but it was too delicious to wait.

The sea there resembles the Caribbean for its purity, transparency and vivid colors. Thanks to the strong wind, though very cold, there were windsurfers and also divers.

There’s no need for many words when such beautiful photos can speak for themselves

After a walk among the nature we went to Lovran, which is very different from the other tons because more distant from the sea and more historic, it looks like the Croatian version of Venezia, with narrow alleys and picturesque buildings.

In Rijeka there’s a totally different air, it’s more of a metropolitan city and you can immediately see it by the skaters in the square, the shops and the traffic. There are much more tourists and you can hear many different languages – German, French, Italian…

The Korzo street divides the city in two parts and it’s where people can take a walk and go shopping.


The day was lovely and I really liked seeing different styles and yes, I really loved eating delicious food – I won’t ever say this enough: no one can cook fish like the Croatian people.

Luckily the trip from Italy to Croatia and the other way around isn’t very long but I was exhausted anyway after some very tiring days – lazy pandas raise your hands!

This day was an amazing way to distract my mind and take some good, pure, salty air.
Sometimes, with all the stress and pressure we might feel, it’s important to take some time for ourselves, doing something we love with the people we love.
Remember to take care of yourselves because life always gets better.

Did you have some getaways yourself? Where have you gone and where would you like to go? I’m dreaming about Bali right now! Tell me in the comments below!



22 thoughts on “A Day Around Croatia – Travel Stories

  1. Ive heard so much good things about Croatia and hope that one day I can go there. The architecture looks beautiful and I love the look of all the old towns


  2. How incredible are your photos?? WOW! This looks like an amazing trip, the sea is just a beautiful blue – I’d never have wanted to leave! The incredible fish dishes sound right up my street – I’m a pescaterian these days so good fish is a winner for me! Thanks for sharing your trip, I’m glad to hear that you got your wifi back!

    Abbey ❤️ http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk


  3. Croatia is country next to mine. 🙂 Every place there is beautiful. What places have you visited last summer? Where are you from? 😀
    I totally recommend you to visit Dubrovnik, Zadar oh and definitely my fave Split. 🙂


  4. croatia is no doubt very beautiful. I love your picture, particularly that yellow house and the beaches. Would love to visit


  5. I’ll thank you in the name of all Croats for writing a nice post about us and for complimenting our fish preparation ☺
    I’m so glad you had a good time!
    I went to Italy 2 times and it was so great, but I was also very young so I would experience Venice and Padua quite differently now, I think…

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I went to Croatia for the first time last Summer, to the Isle of Pag, and I fell in love with it, such beautiful sea and of course food. I totally think you would experience Italy in a totally different way and I actually live in a little town in the middle between Venice and Padua ahah


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