Law Of Attraction Planner Review!

Obviously, because I’m weird and I live in my own world, I found a planner only last month (May).
I’ve been looking for one since last year but it was very difficult finding one that I loved and that it wasn’t overly expensive, also because the shipping to Italy is already expensive on its own.
I absolutely love the planner but I won’t spend €50 for it.

By “found” I mean that the lovely people of Law Of Attraction Planner sent me three beautiful planners to try and review; one for this year, an undated one and one for a 30-days change your mindset and life kind of thing.


The one I’ve been using it’s that on the right, which is bigger than the normal size I usually prefer (I think this one is A5), so I don’t carry it around with me.
It’s rose gold and the cover is absolutely beautiful, with inspiring and empowering quotes and sketches of famous monuments around the world at the bottom.

The first pages are all about changing mindset, setting goals and priorities and figuring out how to achieve them.


I’m not going to lie, filling up these pages takes quite a lot of time, especially because they’re things you need to think about carefully – in fact, I still haven’t completed all the pages and I’m not going to.

For every page I’ve tried to personalize it with a bit of color because, as you can see, the planner is all very grey and simple and rigidly structured.

After this there are a monthly calendar and weekly spreads.
They are structured in different sections:


I never fill all the spaces. I honestly think they are quite redundant because in the weekly pages there are goals and tasks at the top of every day, other to-dos at the left side of the page and then the same list at the left bottom.

As usual I use my watercolors to do any decoration, they don’t bleed through and they add a pop of color – much needed in this planner.

I do love the fact that this Law Of Attraction planner allows you to prioritize, focus and keep track of anything important, but I do wish there was more room for customization of the different sections.



At the beginning of every day I doodle a little tracker for how much water and coffee I drink.

It’s easy to incorporate to-do lists or journalling bits into each day because there’s plenty of room.

At the end of the month there are two blank dotted pages, where I did a study plan for my last University exam, a blog post ideas list, a quote and then May memories.


These pages may be similar a bullet journal and the great thing about this planner is that it allows you to combine two different, useful and efficient systems.

Before the beginning of the new month there are two round-up pages where you can reflect on what happened, what you achieved, who inspired you and what you could do better.

Again I filled only one of them because I’m a lazy panda.


And it’s like this for every other month of the year, at the end of which there are the instructions on how to use the planner, followed by dotted and completely blank pages.


  • I love rose gold
  • It allows you to meditate about your life and inner self
  • It makes you focus and choose your top priorities
  • It’s inclusive of all aspects of your life
  • It’s well-structured
  • You can create a vision board inside your planner
  • It has instructions on how to use it properly
  • It has empowering quotes every week
  • It helps you reach your goals
  • It has a lot of space for notes or journalling
  • It takes a lot of time to fill up
  • It’s not easily customizable
  • Some things are repetitive
  • The weekly spread starts with Sunday – I don’t know about you but I start my week on Monday
  • The day starts way too early (5 a.m) and ends only at 10:30 p.m
  • Marking pens bleed through
  • Monthly reflection is too articulated

I’ve never read the book but I think I’m going to and I’ll also try the 30-days diary – which can be reused and the pen deleted by putting it into the microwave? Are we in Harry Potter’s world? Finally.

Have you ever read the Law Of Attraction book? Would you like to try this planner?
Tell me in the comments!


Disclaimer: The mentioned products have been sent to me freely by the reference so that I could make an objective evaluation and declare my honest opinion, not influenced in any way by having received the products in question.


40 thoughts on “Law Of Attraction Planner Review!

  1. I like how you have personalized this with all the colors! Too bad it takes so much time, but I think that because you’ve put a lot of effort, you might attract a lot of good times (if you believe in the law of attraction, which I do!)


    1. I like it very much for this reason too, I think that the pros overcome the cons when you think about how this planner can help you get a positive attore and achieve your goals


  2. Looks like a lovely planner! I’m a sucker for all things stationary at the moment haha. Would love one of these :3


    1. Regular pens don’t bleed through, as you can see from the photos; only markers do. So that’s really not a problem for me because I decorate my planner with watercolors and there are many other alternatives.


  3. Wow! That is quite the planner. It is beautifully made with lots of tips to keep you busy working the plan. Do take a break to digest and evaluate.


    1. One great thing of this planner is that it combines both structured schedules for busy people but also moments of reflection every now and then to think about everything you’ve done and that you have to do in the future.


  4. I have heard of the law of attraction and the theory behind it, but I have never read the book before. This does look like a beautiful planner. But I agree I hate it when marking pens bleed through something that you are supposed to be able to write on.


    1. To be fair markers put a great amount of ink on the paper and it’s difficult to find a planner that has pages thick enough for them not to bleed through. Pens work just fine so it’s not really a problem for me because I o all my doodles and decorations with watercolors 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh this is SO pretty! I’ve never had a planner like this but I do love the planner I have, I would be lost without it! Rose gold is my absolute favourite!


    1. I get what you mean! I have times when I’m all about my planner, fill it up and keep it updated; and times when I just forget about its existence.
      But the great thing about this Law Of Attraction planner is that it keeps you focused and even if you don’t feel like using it some days it’s just fine.


  6. This looks so pretty on the outside, and your artistic flare makes it look great on the inside! I bought myself something similar a few months ago but haven’t used it once because it’s so time consuming. Maybe time to revisit!


  7. This is the kind of content I love! I’m a total planner junkie– my die-hard favorite being the Passion Planner– and it was nice to hear about this one because I’ve never seen it anywhere! In fact, this planner and the Passion Planner have a lot of similarities when it comes to the weekly/monthly spreads and I’m an unashamed lazy panda when it comes to filling out monthly reflections as well! Followed so that I can hear about that microwaveable 30-day diary at some point! Great post!


  8. I bought a Passion Planner once but never used it for anything other than writing down my daily tasks. I haven’t heard of the other planners you mention but I might have a look at them now.


    1. I’ve never use a Passion Planner, but I’ve seen people talking about it so I might give it a try! I totally recommend this Law Of Attraction planner though!


  9. I’m sure there is certainly a lot of truth in the power of positive attraction and this planner seems to help toward that. Like you, I do like the structure and I also like the week at a glance layout, although it would be better (as you said) to start on the Monday. Interesting summary at the end of each month. Overall I would think the pros would outweigh the cons here. Nice review!


    1. The pros definitely win also because this planner helps you change your mindset and puts you on the right way to achieve your goals, both brief and long term 🙂


  10. Your writing is truly gorgeous and I see your spirit in it, and the way you doodled and your creativity is on top! This was one beautiful and good review 🙂


  11. How beautiful is your handwriting?! Wow! I’m in love with the look of this journal! I like the combination of blank dotted pages which allow you to be creative and the more structured pages to track your days! Thanks for providing detailed pros and cons too, it’s great to read a balanced review!

    Abbey 👑


    1. I quit my bullet journal because I was too busy to set it up at the time and I really regretted it until I got the Law Of Attraction planner, I hope you’ll try it out in the future! It’s really great 🙂


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