Prettiest Home Decor Wishlist feat. Uncommon Goods

I’ve recently discovered what, in my opinion, is the most beautiful site ever.

Uncommon Goods

You’ve probably heard of this website before, I often compare it to Etsy because they sell original, unique, handmade products of different individuals, which go from jewelry, to home decor, to accessories.

My personal favorite are the “random” ones, those kind of things that you don’t really need but buy anyway because they’re too beautiful – tell me I’m not alone in this.

This is a kit to create your own custom tea blend created by Julie Pedersen – I’m a tea lover and I’m so obsessed with this set, I need it right now (who cares if it’s Summer and tea is too hot and I’m going to literally melt).

Other “not very necessary” new obsession is the unicorn bowl, which you can use to eat cereals or ice cream or I think it would be a super cute vase for a succulent to place on your bedside table or desk.

The item next to Elwood the unicorn is a bag containing everything you need for a spa day at your house – It is literally name “Spa In A Bag” and it includes: Honey body butter and body scrub, sea salts and honey lip balm.
The thing I love about these pampering products is that they are made with natural ingredients and the bag is a hand-stamped organic cotton tote which you can also wash and re-use.

Now let’s get into my wishlist.
I love Ikea, Maisons Du Monde, Zara Home and every home decor shop, they are my happy place and I love dreaming about my future perfect house full of design furniture and tumblry accents.

There are a few things that I definitely want in my dreamy perfect house:

First of all I want this Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden. I already grow some herbs in my balcony but this looks way too beautiful.
There are a lot of variants of this arrangement, using different materials and styles, in the Garden section of the website, so definitely check it out.

In the section Decorative Accents I found a lot of thing that made my eyes turn into little hearts and it was quite difficult to choose only a few of them; but here are my faves:

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Serving Tray (2)

I’ve been looking for a tray for a long time and this checks almost each of my requirements because it’s made of wood and it’s vintage.

As many products from Uncommon Goods this tray was created out of upcycled staves of oak wine barrels and I think it’s so fascinating that the item has already a history and life of its own.
I always like to support small businesses and creatives and I like Uncommon Goods because they do exactly the same, only on a bigger scale.
Half of their products is made by hand created in the USA, incorporating recycled and upcycled materials for a lot of them.

I know that for a lot of you it’s important to choose brands and products that are respectful of the environment and also give back to the world.
Uncommon Goods, with every purchase you make, donates $1 to a charity of your choice – they’ve already donated over $1 million to charities worldwide!

Support creativity and artisans, do good in the world and donate – remember that donating your time is as important as donating your money, you don’t have to be rich to do some charity. 
Don’t forget to also treat our planet and environment right, it’s the only one we got (for now)

Bedside Smartphone Vase - Uncommon Goods

It doesn’t get prettier than this.
These vases are also cellphone holders and they would be so perfect on my bedside table. They are useful, pastel colored and they hold two of my favorite things: my cellphone and beautiful flowers.

Fire Escape Shelf - Uncommon Goods

This is a book shelf with the form of fire escape.

Now I know what you might think: all these thing have a different style and maybe they won’t fit together very nicely. I love a lot of different styles and designs and I love to mix everything up to create something unique and original, a mixture of modern and vintage, black & white and colorful, minimalistic and messy.

Why only choose one thing? Follow your own taste and create your own style!

I looove these items: the side tables are customizable and you can choose the state you like the most, I would probably choose New York and California; the couch arm table is not only beautiful but it would finally be where I put my cup of tea without spilling it everywhere.

My last picks are two mat & rug:

One of them is totally funny and one is totally fashionable – can you guess which one is what?

These are my picks from Uncommon Goods which would make my house look a thousand times more beautiful and Instagram worthy.
Have you ever bought anything from this website? What should I buy first in your opinion? Tell me in the comments!


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by the mentioned brand or PR agency so that I could make an objective evaluation and declare my honest opinion, not influenced in any way by the brand in question.
All opinions are my own, as usual.


34 thoughts on “Prettiest Home Decor Wishlist feat. Uncommon Goods

  1. Wow…. This is lovely, I Have never done this before and I really love the fire escape bookcase. Thanks for sharing


  2. I love how creative that bookshelf is! It’s the perfect way to spice up a simple living room. I’m currently using crates as a bookshelf in my living room but may have to upgrade!


  3. That is super inspiring decor– and makes me want to clean my house more! I will look into making something like that with the jars. Where did you get the coloured ones?


  4. What a lovely range of products , they are all so nice and would look great in any home. My favorite is the wooden tray and the shelving.


  5. I love the bookshelf and the vase. They are truly unique. I have to check Uncommon Good’s website. I may find something as pretty as the ones you featured in this post.


  6. So many great suggestions! I will definitely check this website, loved the couch arm table and the cellphones holders vases!


  7. Those side tables are AWESOME! Especially the one that clips on to the arm of a sofa. Must have! I’d also like the herb gardens but our home is too warm – everything dies.


    1. I have the same problem with my terrace, the sun beats there all morning and burns all my plants during the summer 😦 But I think there are some little cute greenhouses on the website that can fix our problem.
      Thanks for the comment! xx


  8. I need that NYC shelf & indoor herb garden in my life asap! Such adorable things here! Might actually get that herb garden to our balcony! I’m renovating it atm 🙂


  9. I love that fire escape themed bookshelf. My succulents would look so pretty in that shelf. It would also be a nice place to showcase small framed photos of my kids.

    Liked by 1 person

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