My Nail Recovery Journey

My nails have always been important to me. I love nail art, having long nails and the “tick” sound that they make when I touch the screen of my cellphone.

Due to stress, a lot of massive stress, my nails have been breaking, crumbling and getting weaker and weaker.


Broken nails

As you can see my nails weren’t in good shape and this was about a month ago. Now my nails are doing much better and it’s all thanks to the products I’ve been using.

I’ve tried many strengthening nail polishes: Kiko, Labo Suisse, Deborah Milano; but none of them worked.
I was almost giving up until my mom bought me a miraculous product: ONails S43 by BioNike.

This is not a nail polish nor an oil, it’s a “poly-active, hydro-alcoholic solution for brittle nails that tend o break easily”, it’s basically a substance that really resembles water but leaves a sort of residue on the nail that goes away quite quickly under water or if you use your hands a lot and this is why you have to apply it about 3 times per day.

You need to put it on your nail and under it, so that it can effectively repair it and prevent it from breaking again.

These are the main products that I use:

Nail polishes 2

Although the Labo Filler nail polish did not help with my problem I still use it as a base to prevent my nails to get stained; I need it to apply it more than once because it’s not think and doesn’t have a great coverage – because that’s not its normal use but it still serves the job pretty well.

I then use the Kiko Fast & Shiny as a top coat after applying my favorite nail polish – it’s that pinkish because it got stained by my favorite burgundy/red wine nail varnish but it always makes my nails look extra shiny and beautiful.

After a month of this kind of treatment my nails are looking so much healthier and I’m totally in love with them again.


My nails are growing fast and they’re not breaking as much as they used to – they chip from time to time but that’s totally normal I think.

I’ve learnt that taking care of my nails is very important and when I have my pampering days I not only make DIY body scrubs and face masks but I also take care of my nails.

I usually just mix up olive or coconut oil, essential oils (I usually use lemon) and occasionally a bit of brown sugar to exfoliate.
You need to massage this mixture on your nails and cuticles and it will help your nails grow stronger and your cuticles get softer.

I don’t usually cut my nails because I’m always afraid they’ll break more easily in this way so I file them and I push my cuticles.

Nail accessories

*The nail filer and cuticle pusher – sorry I don’t know its actual name – are from Mont Bleu, a company that sells glass nail accessories, many of them embellished with colored crystals.
I think they’re so much better than the normal files because they last longer and they’re actually better at their job, it doesn’t take much to file the nails and they also come in different sizes and designs.
You can find them on Amazon!

Lately I’ve been using a different nail polish remover: the Diego Dalla Palma one that is acetone free and oil-based.
It has a very nice scent, it doesn’t make my whole room smell like I just dropped a full bottle of pure alcohol on the floor and my nails feel smoother and more nourished.

Although I love my nails I don’t like to spend too much money on products, I think there are many different options and the most expensive one isn’t always the best one.
The products that I’ve shown in this post range from €4 – the Kiko nail polishes – to €17 – the BioNike strengthening treatment and they’re all very valid and efficient and relatively cheap.

Kiko, which is really non-expansive, sells an infinity – not really, but quite – of color options in terms of nail polishes and they are excellent quality.
I’ve bought a lot of them and I love them because they go on smoothly, dry up fast and they look very shiny and flawless on my nails.

Another brand that I really much like is a Brazilian one, Colorama.
I don’t know if any of you ever heard of it but it’s truly nice and makes good quality nail polishes with vibrant colors.

These are the colors I currently love and that I use the most:

nail polishes 3


Do you have any nail care tips or favorite nail brand? Share them in the comments below!

Don’t forget to check my previous post about nail tips out, where many blogger share their top tips and tricks to perfect nails!


*Disclaimer: The mentioned products have been sent to me freely by the reference so that I could make an objective evaluation and declare my honest opinion, not influenced in any way by having received the products in question.


33 thoughts on “My Nail Recovery Journey

  1. I’d love to try some of these products! My nails are always breaking. I use coconut oil in my hair, but hadn’t thought to apply it to my cuticles! Great idea x


  2. Okay I need to try this now!!!! I have the same issue! I would love to have naturally strong and long nails but they always break. I’m ganna be looking for this product ! Xo


  3. Your nails look so healthy. I never heard of this type of product but it definitely could come in handy as I transition from s&s nails.


  4. I’m really happy that you got your nails back. As you can see from my blog, nails are really my passion and I love nail art and long nails and that thick sound you described. I also had problems with nails cause I was biting them but I found a winning combination for them to recover.

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram


      1. So I just got an email you replied… wtf >.<
        so here I am. I basically use layers of nail polish. I'm always wearing base coat and I never cut them – I file them. That way they don't peel or break as easy. And I only use Essence products (not because they're the best out there, but I really like them and I never had any issues with them)
        you can read more about my routine regarding nails here – – my nails and manicures routine or in my entire nails category – – nails on my blog
        if you wanna talk about nails, I’m here anytime haha


  5. I totally hear you on the sound of nails tapping against your phone screen, I love it and for some reason it makes me feel really feminine hehe! Your coconut oil and essential oil scrub sounds amazing to me, bet it smells beautiful! I will have to check out your nail polish brand recommendations as the coverage on those polishes is fab!

    Abbey 🌸


  6. My nails are usually non existent as they’re quite brittle and fragile. But I have found that when I do gel manicure ever so often my nails tend to grow stronger and longer. Maybe its because I dont over paint them.


  7. Your nails are beautiful, i love long nails on girls, i don’t know much about these products but i’ll share this post with my girlfriend, she’s having problems with her nails, she might found it helpful.


  8. This is an awesome post and of a different kind. I’ve never listened about the nail recovery post.
    That smart nail polish dryer looks great. Your nail looks awesome after applying it.


  9. You have no idea how timely your post is. I’ve been a nail biter for decades and have finally quit, although my nails are in need of some extra TLC. I can’t wait to give your regimen a try, especially since it includes all natural ingredients like coconut and essential oils. x


  10. I too suffer from broken and brittle nails. I’m not sure if its a vitamin deficiency but if there is a product out there that can improve them then I’m on it. That product that your mum bought you seems great. By the way your nails now look great.


  11. Oh wow! Your nails look amazing and so strong! I always have a shellac polish on because otherwise the varnish just chips away but I really need to give my nails a break and this looks like a perfect solution – it’s like pampering for nails 🙂


  12. Your nails look absolutely amazing!
    Wow. Mine are in such a bad shape as I’m washing my hands all the time nowadays – stuff that comes with a baby 😀


  13. Wow! Your nails have recovered beautifully. I have been meaning to try out some products for nail care, I’ll try to look for these. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  14. My nails do break easily as well, especially if I leave the shellac more than 2 weeks on them. I always cut them very short because of this. It’s great to know that there are some products on the market which will help to recover the nails.


  15. My nails are the same at the moment, they are really weak and are tearing low down very easily. Its great to see how your nails are looking now, hopefully, I can get mine to look a good as yours.


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