Shaherazad’s #18HourHeels Shoes Review !

Shoes by Shaherazad was created for a purpose. To provide women and girls living in poverty with opportunities for educational and financial independence.”

This is the main reason why working with Shaherazad has always been a pleasure and why I felt very lucky and honored when she asked me to write some posts for her website earlier this year and when she asked me to try her famous shoes last month.


Shaherazad’s shoes not only have an important purpose but they also carry an important promise: you can wear them for 18 hours and you’ll feel no pain.
They’re perfect for busy bees dividing their time between business and pleasure, office and girls nights.

I love supporting brands that are socially committed to make this world a better place and I love seeing a young female entrepreneur who keeps in mind women’s needs and fulfills them with high quality products.

Shaherazad’s shoes come in different colors: black, burgundy, navy blue and light pink – all timeless and elegant colors that can fit in any outfit.

The heels are 3 inches tall – which I’m not a big fan of, because I like higher heels, but they make very much sense if you think about the amount of time you can use them without feeling uncomfortable; but what I like the most is the sole of the shoe: it has a super cute and fun to-do list engraved on it and it’s definitely one of the coolest ideas ever that also give a distinctive characteristic to the brand.


Another peculiar trait of these shoes is that they have a lateral magnet to which you can attach different accessories: I’ve been provided with a simple black strip and a flower “shoellery” (an embellished strip that comes in many different variants – my favorite is definitely the dragonfly one, sooo pretty!)

So let’s get into the fan part: my shoes are black with a glossy finish and I must say that they’re truly comfortable and I see myself wearing them at the office; they go with many different outfits, for example I tried them with a black dress and grey cardigan.


The shoes are overall very pretty and I prefer them with the simple strip.

I absolutely LOVE the package, which is a beautiful black box that ties at the front with a bow and has lovely messages written on it.


I think that the images do all the talking regarding the beauty of the shoes and all it’s left for me to say is that they are very high quality, they make me feel quite confident and pretty – pretty heels have this power on me – and they’re very versatile.

I’m personally a fan of chunky heels so I’m very happy to see that Shaherazad will be producing block heels in the near future and they’re already available for pre-order in black and light pink.

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Have you ever tried the #18hourheels? Would you like to? Visit Shoes By Shaherazad and share your thoughts in the comments!


Disclaimer: The mentioned products have been sent to me freely by the reference so that I could make an objective evaluation and declare my honest opinion, not influenced in any way by having received the products in question.


15 thoughts on “Shaherazad’s #18HourHeels Shoes Review !

  1. I hate wearing heals, so the thought of wearing them for 18 hours sounds crazy, but Shaherazad’s heals are really cute, and I love that they are made with a good cause! Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely have to check these out!


  2. Ooh I’ve never heard of this brand before but I definitely need to check them out! Their ethos and supporting good causes is something that I find very attractive in a brand! I usually opt for Hotter brand heels because they’re so comfy and I never get sore feet in them, but these seem very much worth a try! Unlike you, a three inch heel is my optimal height because I’m already nearly 5ft 8 so don’t want to go too much taller! Gorgeous photos, thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    Abbey 💓


  3. Love these shoes! I’m in desperate need of updating my wardrobe so I will be keeping these shoes in mind – they sound perfect for my long work days and commutes x


  4. I ditched high-heels a long time ago and I only wear them for special occasions because I got sick and tired of the pain that comes with when wearing high heels. But what kept me reading is the fact, that you can wear them 18 hours – WOW! So I might give them a try because they look super cute!


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