5 Myths About Replica Men’s Watches: Busted

For you today I have a great guest post from Linda Gayle, and it’s all about the perfect gift for the men in your life: a watch, and how to choose between an original and a fake one.

Did you know that there are around 30 to 40 million counterfeit men’s watches that are put into circulation each year? No?

For those of you who do not know what a counterfeit watch means, let us put it straight. This is basically an illegal copy for an authentic watch, which is commonly known as a replica. Such watches cause a loss of about $1 million to the watch industry each year. What’s more to this is that a fake watch sitting on your wrist may make you get caught by the fashion police. So, before you even remotely plan on buying a fake men’s watch thinking it might save you money, we’d like to bust a few myths. Also, you should be wary of these things before you buy an authentic branded watch.

Given below are 5 common myths about replica men’s watches!

MYTH #1: Replicas are Lighter than Authentic Watches


This is one of the most common misconceptions. Nowadays, counterfeiters an easily emulate the weight of a genuine watch. For this, they make use of the identical ETA movements as the original producers or the subsequent source copies.

MYTH #2: Replica Watches Look Exactly Like the Original Ones


Fake watch manufacturers tell this biggest lie to almost every next customer they see. For someone who has never bought a high-end, branded watch before, a replica watch may appear to look same as the original product. But, for the ones who know a little about original men’s watches will be able to see the difference without much of an effort. Most people evaluate you by the clothes and accessories that you wear. So, if someone catches of a fake watch on your wrist, it may give out a bad impression.

MYTH #3: Genuine Movement = Genuine Watch


Another myth! If you have been thinking that a fake watch will have different movements as compared to the genuine watch, you are wrong. This is a wake up call! Most of the watch brands buy the movements from ETA, which is one of the largest mechanical movement suppliers nowadays. Replicas watch makers buy similar movements or actually the ETA movements from second sources. This is something that may mislead you into buying a fake men’s watch.

MYTH #4: Replicas Are a Good Investment


Anyone who tells you that certainly does not have your best interest. How can a cheap, replica watch ever be a good investment? Most replica men’s watches cost a couple hundred dollars. It is nothing but a hole in your. Imagine, spending a hefty amount on a watch that comes with two years’ or less warranty only.

MYTH #5: Most of the Replica Watches Are Durable


Replica watches manufacturers advertise a promise of offering high quality, automatic movement, solid stainless steel plated with highly resistant triple 18K gold watches. This is another myth that we’d like to bust today. Most knockoffs come with weak links or have the ones that are connected with screws or pins. You will only be able to enjoy your fake watch for a couple of months as the gold plating will start coming out after sometime.

Hopefully this debate will give you an idea on what to look for when shopping online. If you want to find out more about the subject of spotting real luxury brands from replica men’s watches, check www.perfectwatchesblog.to .

About Linda:

1. Besides being a fashion lover, I’m also a cooking enthusiast, and I make lots of experiments (most of them succeed )
2. Reading books is one of my favorite ways to relax. The others are: weekend mornings runs in the park, music festivals and my house full of friends.
3. The values I adopt are: genuine connections with people, integrity, courage and work satisfaction.

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