New Coconut Lane Ambassador? Here I am.

I’m very very happy to announce that I’ve become a Coconut Lane ambassador!
Coconut Lane is a fantastic brand that I recently discovered and already love.


Their products are characterized by a sassy, classy, funny and sarcastic vibe. Everything is surrounded by a youthful and careless atmosphere.
Their products are distinguished in: wall art, greeting cards, jewelry and accessories (iPhone cases).

Here my favourites:

I haven’t got the chance yet to buy some of their products but you can be sure that I’ll do it very soon! If you want unique home decor pieces e some amazing accessories, go to the Coconut Lane shop and buy some of their products, that other than being beautiful are also not expensive! In fact the wall art with the quotes cost from £6, the jewelry from £7.50, and so the phone cases.

Their products are also perfect to give as gifts and I’ve not told you the best part yet!

The fact of being a Coconut Lane ambassador isn’t a great thing only for me, but for you too; as my readers you can get a 20% off discount!

To obtain the discount all you have to do is insert promo code thatlifestyle20 at the check out after putting in the chart of the e-shop all you desire.

So, go over to Coconut Lane and good shopping!

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