An incredible story. One man.

So a really weird thing happen to me last week. I was at University attending a class and I received an email from an unknown sender.
I was too curious not to read it immediately so I opened it and then I screenshot it and sent it to my boyfriend and showed it to my friend who was sitting next to me too. It was surreal.

This is the title of the email:

I like you being a food lover 🙂 and I wanted to get in touch

And here’s the content of it:

Hey Samantha,

My name is Ioannis. I like your fashion sense, it’s really cute. I like your approach.
So, what am I up to? I am driving alone from Greece to Mongolia to earn back a woman’s trust. I will use my time on the road to write songs, and produce a feature movie, hoping that the woman I fell for will see the truth. Sounds crazy, right?
Well, I tried giving up, but it was harder than not giving up. So I am reaching out to you and your blog for your support.
I am looking for inspiring individuals that believe in my cause to spread the word. I thought that you and your audience may be interested in this story, so I wanted to get in touch with you well in advance of the public launch date.
Please shoot me an email – I will be very excited to hear from you, even if it just to let me know that I am nuts! Also, whether you think this is for you or not, I want to thank you for reading this email. It really means a lot, and it will mean a lot more when I am out there alone, so…

For Writing. For Truth. For Her.

No. I’m not kidding and this guy, Ioannis, is really doing this. He will travel alone and make a movie along the way to conquer a girl back.

On March 15th 2016, we will start driving north from Greece, go through Eastern Europe, Siberia and arrive to Mongolia hopefully in June. I will be the only human on-board.

It sounds just like a movie and that’s why I’m sure it will become a great one.

Just to assure you that I’m not joking and this is not a late April fools, here’s a picture of him and his equipment.

Ioannis asked for my support, so what better way than writing a post about him and his brave choice and sharing it with all you guys?

Now you probably have a lot of questions, I surely had a lot of them, so I decided to do a brief interview with him to clear some things out and give him the opportunity to share his story.

How did you fall in love with her?

The same way everybody does! I saw Her, I listened to Her, and I didn’t want to stop.

How did you come up with the idea of the movie?

I decided to leave Greece on this journey the day She decided to never talk to me again, and I bought the motorhome the day after. I knew I was going out to write, and defend writing and the truth. I came up with the idea of the movie while I was driving the motorhome from London to Greece. I was thinking, if a book didn’t make it, and a song did not make it, maybe a movie will. It’s premature thinking – yes, but that’s the perfect ground for a movie.

How are you organizing the trip? In terms of sleeping, eating, shower, etc


Cooking, sleeping, living in the car – I have two water tanks, and I can wash myself with a sponge, but there is no showering obviously. I have just enough space for food supplies and the movie equipment. My 500W solar panel system will take care of electricity. I can burn gas or petrol to generate heat when it gets chilly (or freezing).

Why did you choose to travel alone?

It’s the same as choosing to talk with yourself, or fight with yourself if that’s what it takes. We all know bits and pieces of the truth. One bit of the truth is that I never flirted with anyone before seeing Natalia and that Her friend lied about what she saw. As much as I want to show that to Natalia, I also know it is only one small part of the truth. To discover the rest, I must discover myself.

What did your family and friends think about this choice?

My mom was very calm when I told Her. She told me that she knew there was nothing she could do to stop me, so I should just let Her know how she could help. Some of my friends have tried to convince me that She is not worth it but they are only doing that to make me feel better. Most of the time, they think what I am doing is crazy, but sometimes, they wish they could come with me 🙂

How do people react when you tell them your story? Have you found a lot of support?

The support is overwhelming. I had no idea how it would go because I am so attached to everything – this is not a story I came up with, this is a story that happened to me. So I never had an objective point of view and I never knew what to expect. Every day, I wake up to emails from people from all over the world. I am not sure how to react 🙂

What do you expect to learn from this journey?

How to make a movie – hopefully! Lol. I know that this journey will change me but I don’t know how. I can’t wait to find out 🙂

What should be the perfect ending for your story?

Natalia finds out the truth about what happened, who I am, and what She means to me.

Incredible right? If you’re skeptical I totally understand and I share your same doubts.
In these it’s very difficult to find such a romantic, genuine, creative, spontaneous gentleman, so when we do find one, it’s really hard to believe; but it’s all real.

For any other information visit Ioannis’s website, and if you want to show your support you can put this badge I’ve made on your blog/website, just tell me in the comments if you want me to send it over to you via email!


I can’t wait to discover how this amazing story and journey will end and I surely cheer on for Ioannis!

Tell me your thoughts in the comments and if you would like to ask Ioannis himself anything, just comment below and I’ll get the answer for you!

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