Blog Post Ideas and Headers!

Being a blogger for a while I know that sometimes it’s difficult to invent new and interesting topics and articles; so I decided to give you some ideas and to explain to you how I do my post headers, hoping to give you some inspiration, because let’s face it, even the eyes want their part and it is easier for a post to be noticed and then to be read if it has an effective and impressive header.

Here are some ideas for your (and my) posts, divided by category of bloggers.

  • Outfit Of The Day
  • Outfit Ideas
  • Favorite shops
  • Gift ideas for different occasions
  • Replication of a look of a celebrity
  • Must have accessories
  • Wishlist
  • Your style icon
  • Different ways to wear the same cloth
  • How the style has changed over the years
  • Fashion bloggers to follow


  • Makeup routine
  • Favorite products
  • Favorite brands
  • Comparison of branded products and cheap ones
  • Replica of a red carpet look
  • Favourite Looks
  • Different looks for different occasions
  • Wishlist
  • Different ways to wear the same product and create different looks
  • What to do and what not to do when you do your makeup
  • Tips and tricks to make easier your makeup routine
  • Review of products
  • The best online shopping sites
  • The best fashion / makeup app


  • Your favorite recipes
  • How to use leftovers and create a good meal
  • Menu for a special occasion
  • The healthiest foods and how to use them


  • Instagram accounts to follow
  • Blogs to follow
  • Favorite home decor pieces
  • Tips & tricks for newly bloggers

As for the headers, I personally use any Photoshop project has in mind.

Most of the time I download a picture that has something to do with the theme from All The Free Stock; and for me it is very important to use this site because it provides images and photos free of copyright, and for each of them indicates whether there is need to link the attribution, if you can apply changes or use them for commercial purposes.

After you download the image I open it with Photoshop, select the font that I consider most appropriate and add the title of the article as a text (as I did for the header of this post).

The text can then modify by simply clicking on the text layer twice; so you can add shadows, gradients, patterns, and much more.


For more elaborated headers it will take more time and experience in using Photoshop.


Photoshop is not the only tool that you can use, I recommend for beginners to use Gimp or PicMonkey, the latter is available online.

You can create not only headers for articles, but also banners for blogs, logos, badges and more; here are some examples:


If you want me to do a complete step by step tutorial leave me a comment below 🙂

If you want a header or custom logo leave a comment with your request or send me an email to

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