Blogger Recognition Award!

I was so happy when I found out I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award!


So first of all I’d like to thank the Accidentally Single blog for nominating me and giving me this opportunity, I’m really happy an grateful about this!

These are the rules:

1: Write a post to show your award.
2: Thank the person that nominated you.
3: Briefly describe your journey as a blogger.
4: Give advice to other bloggers.
5: Nominate the deserving ones.

My journey as a blogger has just began, specifically in the October of 2014, and I’m really excited for all the things to come but if I stop an look back I have to say that there are some things that I’m not happy about: I wish I knew earlier how to promote my blog and what the whole concept of blogging truly is. I feel like I wasted time trying to chase the trends and not being myself but know I write about things I love and I’m proud of my blog, I love it.

I think every blogger goes through rough moments but the important thing is that I’ve never given up and I’m always giving my best into everything I do.

I love connecting with other bloggers and working with brands, I love helping others with my posts and entertain them.

My advice to other bloggers is to be true to themselves and not trying to be famous and popular. You have to do it because you love to.

Find always new, interesting and unique content for your readers.

I know that these tips may seem simple and even stupid but it’s easy to lose your way and your voice.

I’ll be tagging my nominations on Twitter so look into your notifications to see if I’ve chosen you!