Home Decor with Maisons Du Monde

One of my favorite home decor shops is Maisons Du Monde; I discovered it some years ago and I still dream about it.

The reason why this is a wishlist and not a “all the things I’ll buy for my bedroom” list, is because this brand is pretty expensive.
Although the high prices, I still think that it’s worth it. Obviously there are many cheaper brands but the quality and beauty of the items sold by Maisons Du Monde, make them worth the hype.

I always like to change the decor style and the positions of the forniture in my bedroom and these are the pieces that I love at the moment and would like in my room.

As you can see I like the vintage vibe in this period and I prefer everything to be with, light, bright, clear.. Well you got what I mean.

For my beauty corner the mirror is a must, and I think this type is perfect because you can see your whole outfit.
For the tolette I made an unusual choice because that is actually a secretaire, aka a mini, more elegant desk; but I like the size of it (that makes it perfect to fit in small rooms too) and that even if it’s small it can still store all the beauty and makeup products I need.

On my beauty secretaire I need a clock and I thought that this vintage one looked so beautiful.
I’m always interested in what time is it in other countries, so that for example I don’t text my cousin in Brasil in the middle of the night; and with this multi clock thing I’m sure it won’t happen.
And instead of the usual succulent to keep on the tolette, I think this mini greenhouse would be great.

To keep this multicultural idea I have, I chose to add these items:

I love the States and one day I want to live there so the reason of my choice is pretty obvious.
I had the (not really) crazy idea to overlap two rugs, the one above will go on top of this other one:


The fabric and style are different but I thought they could give a very beautiful effect together.

The other pieces I’d like to see in my bedroom fit in the overall theme.

I think that all pieces are unique and fantastic; they bring a lot of character to the room, so even if there’s not a lot of space, or you have a minimalist style, your bedroom will still look amazing.

As I said Maisons Du Monde is not wallet-friendly, but for a couple of decor pieces it is totally worth it.

This little dreamy renovation would cost about 740 €.

What are your favorite pieces? Do you prefer a specific style? Tell me in the comments!

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