How to: create your own blog

This is obviously not an article related to Christmas; but, for some reason, I got the idea to share some advice and help for those who want to start a blog, or those who have just opened one.

  • Subscribe to a free platform like WordPress or Blogger
  • Connect your blog with all the social: create a Facebook page,

use your Twitter or create one just for your blog,
use Tumblr and Instagram to promote your articles

  • Be original and “specialized” on a topic: fashion, beauty, recipes, travel, reviews, technology etc.
  • Create a plan to publish your posts regularly and try to follow it as much as possible.
  • Be social: like comment articles of other bloggers
  • Choose a theme and widgets that reflect the content of your blog and yourself.
  • Always be yourself and express your honest opinions.
  • Create custom headers for your posts, with Gimp or Photoshop (like this article).
  • Do a lot of researches, and if you take the material from one site or another blog, be sure to tag it to credit their work.
  • When you’re ready, buy your domain.
  • At the beginning do not think of collaborations with brands or the possible profits that you could make; open your blog because you like it and you want to have fun, inspire others and yourself.
  • Subscribe to platforms dedicated to bloggers that publicize articles on their sites, or even offer a community of support and confrontation; for example, I am enrolled in Blogloving, Pick A Blogger and Influenster.

I always try to improve myself as a blogger and that’s why last year I took part in free online course offered right here on WordPress, by the Daily Post, Blogging University 101; and now I am taking part in the 201.

The first course deals more with customizing your blog and get used to comment and interact with other bloggers; while the second part is more technical and practical.

Here are some tips and tricks that I have learned in these courses:

  • Decide some objectives and pursue them.
  • Dusts off old articles you wrote by posting them again or adding a link to new articles.
  • Create an event on your blog or take part to those offered by the Daily Post to increase your readers.
  • Find a “blogging buddy” to ask for feedback and to organize guest postings.

Who is a fashion – beauty blogger, and is seeking a partnership with some brand; I have some advice for you:

  • Compile a media kit with your statistics, a brief description of yourself and your blog, your social media and your contact information; you can take a cue from my old media kit,
    That Lifestyle Media Kit
  • Write an email to the brand proposing your offer; I usually write:

Good evening,
My name is Samantha Carraro and I’m an Italian blogger of lifestyle, beauty, fashion & more.

My blog is That Lifestyle and you can visit it at

I’m writing to you to know if you might be interested in a collaboration with me; I would test your products and write a review about them on my blog.

I’m asking you this because I saw your shop online and I really liked it, I tought it would be a great thing for us to collaborate because your brand isn’t really know here in Italy and I would like to talk about it to my readers.

I’ll send you my media kit from September 2015 too and I have to say that since I’ve done it my statistics have grown.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Thank you for your time and attention.


  • I recommend you to contact nd24, a German shop specializing in nail polishes and all that is connected to the manicure and nail art; of which I have already done a review, “Review #2 – nd24 nail polish”.
  • Do not be discouraged if you receive no for an answer and don’t harass by email the offices of the brands to which you have approached; sometimes some brands are seeking bloggers with high statistics of visits per month and followers, sometimes they can accept even if the blog is not very popular. It’s not your fault if you receive no for an answer and certainly it does not mean that your blog is not beautiful enough or valuable. You have to be patient.

These are all the advice I have for you, I hope they will be helpful and feel free to ask me any questions you want.

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